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Do you store your Glocks dry fired when not in use?

  1. Hey all,
    Another question on my mind.
    Do you store your Glocks dry fired ,and trigger obviously all the way back, when put away for an extended time to relive the striker/spring assembly from being at "half mast" with tension on that spring?
    I know, another of one of my questions, but it's somewhat in the same line as having mags loaded for extended periods.
  2. I store them that way so I can easily tell there isn't a round in the chamber.
  3. I store all my firearms, whether pistol, rifle, airgun, or shotgun, with the firing spring relaxed.
  4. I , and everyone who has access to my firearms, knows to consider them ALL loaded and to clear them immediately after picking them up. I’m not in the habit of storing the Glock dry fired, although after cleaning I confirm it fires both from cocked and the reset (holding the trigger after firing, racking the slide and checking the reset works properly).

    My other habit is to slide-lock any pistol that has been fired but not cleaned, to remind me it needs to be done. But even then, drop the mag, visually and physically check for clear.
  5. I don’t care about the tension. But like Bren, easily know they’re not chambered and no risk of unintentionally pulling trigger when I take out of the safe.

    1911’s and DA/SA guns hammer down
  6. The Border Patrol did that once upon a time, stored all the pistols in the Armory with slides locked back. They ended up replacing a lot of recoil springs.
  7. Mine are loaded in the safe. Proper trigger discipline prevents accidents.
  8. Mine are all stored fully loaded, one is in Bladetech Klipt and the others all wear a MIC.
  9. Always. Stored hot, ready to rock & roll. Makes no difference in Glocks, the prefire striker spring tension is mild anyway.
  10. Cleaned, locked and loaded, and stored in their holster ready to go. Every firearm I own is loaded, whether it is or not, so the manual of arms is always the same.
  11. The only gun that isn't in a trigger pulled/hammer down state is my SD gun. I don't really have a need to keep all my guns loaded.
  12. Well, a GLOCK has no safety, so depressing the trigger is the next best thing. If the trigger is back, it is disconnected.
  13. That's OK but I think it's better to treat all guns as if they were loaded.
  14. Yes. Guns in the safe are unloaded, uncocked. Guns outside the safe are hot for HD.
  15. Does it serve any legit purpose to do so?
  16. FWIW, they only stay locked back for a day or two at most.

    It’s also a good idea to do annual spring changes to firearms that are used for defensive carry. A very inexpensive way to help ensure reliability. I think I paid less than $20 for my last set. So, I consider standard maintenance, and it won’t break the bank.

    Now if I had a Border to manage, maybe I’d reconsider. :)
  17. If you are familiar with the old/original Tupperware boxes Glocks used to come in, it is interesting to note that the trigger had to be pushed in order for the Glock to be put in the box. That tells me that the preferred way of storage is with the trigger pulled.
  18. I store all my non-HD firearms that way.
  19. Very good point.... I forgot about Glocks not fitting in the original Tupperware box without trigger pulled back
  20. Me too. And that's an adjustment going from Glock to DA/SA for production. I consider a Glock with the trigger back to be in a safe condition.
  21. I always pull the trigger to drop the hammer or striker on empty chamber before putting away my gun for an extended period. Actually I don’t keep loaded guns in my safe, either, unless I’m securing them temporarily. (However, I do keep a couple of magazines and speed loaders fully loaded with SD ammo.) The only gun that is loaded and ready to go in my house is the gun that is on my person or under the direct and immediate control of myself or my wife.

    In any case, I would not worry about keeping my Glock chambered (firing pin partially “cocked”) or Glock magazine loaded for an extended time period.
  22. Yes.
  23. No. They are all locked and loaded.
  24. Pistols loaded, round in the chamber and holstered. Rifles with bolt open, chamber flag inserted and in the safe.
  25. Ditto
  26. th What if you have about 15 Glock’s?
  27. All pistols in the safe are as shipped and not loaded.
    All pistols not in the safe are loaded and magazine topped off.
    Being loaded or unloaded does not effect the springs repetition does.
  28. :) Dry fire and take the pressure off the mechanism
  29. This. Applies to any Glock I own.
  30. Except for my duty gun and my off duty 48, the rest are stored striker forward.
  31. I have small safes all around my home. Just because I don’t have a big safe. All of my firearms are loaded and ready to go. That being said, at the range, when I am done shooting I always drop the “hammer” on an empty chamber before I case a firearm. Then pack them home and load them for storage. My carry firearm, I drop the “hammer” and then load and holster. Just because.
  32. If you store a firearm empty, I don't know why you wouldn't want to have the trigger pulled back.

    I RSO at a lot of matches. At the end of the shooters stage, the command is to "show clear, trigger, holster (bag or case)".
  33. Interesting.
  34. Same here, unless they are loaded. Easy and quick, but treat every firearm like it’s loaded until verified otherwise.
  35. My glocks are stored loaded 75 percent of the time.. often in a bag with 6 other loaded mags. Just works for me. Not saying anyone else needs to do that.
  36. I currently have 13 guns loaded for home defense, including the ones in the cars, but all of the guns in the safes are unloaded except for one in each safe.
  37. Are you expecting the Mongol hordes?
  38. I store mine with trigger back for a visual indicator the gun is not loaded. Of course that is just an extra margin I always double check. Any gun that is loaded is always in a holster. Of course that is just an extra margin of safety and I always check. The only loaded gun is the current daily carry.

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  39. At my agency during training and during my 10 yr stint as a private instructor, [we] took a different view of this topic; We taught/instructed that the only time you pulled the trigger on your Glock was 1. to fire it
    2. Takedown for cleaning or inspection
    Dry-fire practice was treated differently after safety instructions
    Clicking-off as we called it on the range was punishable by either laps, push-ups or policing brass...especially when instructing young cops...we wanted them to respect that trigger at all times...so, as to the OP...no I do Not press the trigger on my Glock except to fire, or clean it
    ( again dry-fire practice is different)...even with those stringent rules that not everyone here will agree with, we still had 2 deputies shoot themselves by pressing their triggers on what they thought was an unloaded weapon...both lived, but very embarrassing
  40. Unloaded and dry fired
  41. Loaded up tight, with one in the pipe. Been that way for 40 something years with all my carry/HD/SD firearms.
  42. I store all of mine, every single one....ready to fire with the safety on, if it has one.......
  43. Nope. Mine are all loaded with one in the pipe. They aren't much use otherwise.
  44. This.
  45. Doing the same too.
  46. My Glocks are not my primary weapons so I store them without a magazine in and dry-fired. Just my preference, nothing to do with spring tension or safety.

    My wife on the other hand keeps her Glock 33 loaded and ready in her nightstand... So I guess we always have one that's good to go at a moment's notice. :)
  47. As others have said, the assumption is that all are loaded. That said, those placed in extended storage are mags and chambers empty, hammer down ( to mean cylinders, mags, tubes, chambers, strikers, or whatever as applicable)
  48. Those (Glock or not) that are in the safe are unloaded, 'except for the mags stored with gun..' Triggers back, and hammers down.

    I don't need the guns in the safe loaded. I keep several guns through out the house loaded and ready. From 12ga, to AR15, to a couple hand guns, all in strategic places and easy to get to.

  49. I'm calling BS. Cycling weakens springs not static tension.

    Lol. All that tells you is Glock used an unsafe case, then switched to the current better one. People were having NDs putting their Glock in the old tupperware case.

    Dry firing for the sake of "saving the spring" has no effect on the trigger spring or life. Sounds like an old gunstore myth.
    What I would be concerned with is excessive dry firing knocking breachface out. Remember those?

    If you are looking at the position of the trigger instead of properly visually checking the chamber, go back to basics and start over. Or take up knitting.
  50. I am expecting that owning guns is for recreation, fun , target shooting , competion, and potential self defense. Having a loaded gun and six spare mags makes my gun ready for many of those uses.