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Do You Really Know Who Dave Levdansky Is?

Make Your Voice Heard Today!

Pennsylvania State Representative Dave Levdansky (D-39) has spent his 23 years in office fighting against the fundamental rights guaranteed to law-abiding gun-owners by the U.S. Constitution and the Pennsylvania Constitution.

The U.S. Supreme Court and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court have rendered decisions supporting the right of individual citizens to keep and bear arms. Despite these decisions, Representative Levdansky has continually mocked and ridiculed the freedoms guaranteed to us in the Second Amendment.

As an elected official, Levdansky took an oath to uphold these rights, but his track record proves that he blatantly and defiantly rejects our freedoms and his oath.

Over the years Representative Levdansky has made clear his Gun Control Agenda:

•Representative Levdansky made the following comments at a Game and Fish Committee hearing on HB 2079 in 1986 in Clarion, PA “. . . insofar as the constitutional question of the right to keep and bear arms is concerned, I think that that argument is rather hollow and shallow . . . At best, I think that the right to bear arms argument is nothing more than rightwing, ideological rhetoric and ought to be dismissed as such”.

•Opposes state firearms preemption law that protects sportsmen and gun owners and the Constitutional Right to Bear Arms.

Ø HB 185 (02-1994)

•Introduced legislation to have the legislature take financial control of the Game Commission.

Ø HB 585 (Amend. To—1985)

•Introduced legislation that would have disarmed hunters in the field during hunting.

Ø HB 2079 (Amend. To—1986)

•Supports banning semi-automatic firearms.

Ø Casey Gun Ban (HB 2600-1994)

Ø Michlovic Gun Ban (A4958/HB 185)

Ø Ryan Gun Ban (A5096/HB 185)

•Supports Anti-Gun Organizations such as the Million Mom March.

Ø Million Mom March (HR 391)

It is time for Representative Levdansky’s career of dishonesty to end, and to finally elect someone who will stand up for the Second Amendment and our rights as gun owners.

It is time for Monica Douglas!

But Monica can’t do it alone. She needs you to help her defeat Representative Levdansky!

This is the election that gun owners can and must remove the voice of the anti-gun agenda in Harrisburg. Please consider making a financial contribution to the Citizens for Monica Douglas campaign. All donations should be sent to:

Citizens for Monica Douglas
300 Bryce Lane
Elizabeth, PA 15037

If you would like to volunteer please contact the campaign at 412-551-4891 or by email at [email protected].

It is our time as gun owners to make significant changes in order to protect our rights.

How will you help?

To view how candidates in your area measure up

on issues of importance to gun owners and sportsmen,

please visit
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