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do YOU have a personal experience with 9mm shotshell and/or extreme shock ?

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yea so i have a problem with buying stuff...

my latest thought would be buying some of that CCI shotshell ammo i see in 9mm...

i have done a little research and seen people having issues with it not being powerful enough to cycle the slide

also i was thinking would these pellets mess with my rifling in my barrel?

thinking about buying some of this for hiking purposes for snakes, but if its not gonna cycle my slide and rip up my rifling then ill pass and use a rock instead :p

anyone have any personal experience with this type of ammo?

also i was thinking about buying some of that fang face extreme shock ammo, i have found a little information on it but mostly conflicting views... i know the box o truth guys have found it to be sub par but i have also read good reviews on it...

i like the idea of frangible ammo for over penetration concerns for home defense, but im just not sure about the expansion properties of it.

anyone have any info on this either?

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Don't use it in a C model.
Used the shot shell in my .40, i know not 9mm but it might give you an idea. It was very weak but still cycled. Seemed the spread was very large and might not do much though. Hope someone chimes in with a little more info for you!
No personal experience but one of the members of this forum made this YouTube video.(TWS G26 is his name here I think)

From what he says the 9mm shells don't cycle well if at all in Glocks, but the .45ACP version hasn't given him problems with cycling.
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