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Do they still manufacture G23?

  1. I was on the bass pro website and I saw that they were accepting online orders for the Glock 23. I made the order and everything went through currently processing will have to go pick it up. Also, it didn't specify if the Glock 23 was a Gen 3 or Gen 4. I would assume it's a Gen 4 because I don't think they manufacture Gen 3. Could somebody fill me in?

    Here is the link to the specific one I bought: https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/glock-g23-semi-auto-pistol
  2. i think theyve have or in the process of doing away with the gen 4. Id say transition time time the gen 5 23's get here and the high demand. I think the only reason for gen 3 is for the kommiefornia market
  3. Yes.
    Gen 3.
  4. Absolutely - they still make Gen 3, and they are making Gen 4 models of G23.The Gen 3, or as we say sometimes now, G23.3 - It's my favorite of all Glocks. Any G23 can easily convert to 9mm or 357 Sig. For the 357 Sig you don't even have to worry about magazines. You will need 9mm mags if you get a 9mm barrel though.
    Btw, other .40 cal has all those same capabilities. The G27 or G22.
  5. I'm not entirely sure if the G23 on the bass pro site is the gen 4 or gen 3 because they do not specify. Is there a way to tell? I would assume it's a gen 4. Either way it's pretty much the game gun, but I just want to know haha.
  6. Like was said above, the picture is a Gen 3 due to the side of the grip texture.
  7. They are still making Gen 3 of LOTS of Glock models. On the list at Glock's website, they refer to the Gen 3 as "Standard" models, but then they call the Gen 4, a Gen 4.
  8. A Gen 4 Glock has "Gen 4" stamped on the slide. A Gen 3 has nothing to indicate the Gen.
  9. Thanks for the quick responses guys! Really appreciate it
  10. Yup, Gen 3. No knowledge if they're web sight pics are updated or not. Identical to the one I carry a lot. The perfect carry/home defense handgun IMHO. Hope that's what you get! Only downside, Gen 3's only ship with two magazines. The Gen 4/5's, ship with three. Zero idea why the do that really. Good choice though!
  11. Yes the G23 on the bass pro site is the one I got I didn't see a listing for the Gen 4 model but the gen 3 it's pretty much the same exact gun to my knowledge as the gen 4 just the grip texture differences I believe. But yeah, as soon as the "Order Online" option was available, I placed my order last night.

    Weird though, when I called a few days ago they said they didn't have any on order, and they didn't have any G23 at any locations but somehow I got my order placed and currently being processed. Hopefully everything goes through smoothly I always wanted a G23 haha.
  12. Interesting information thank you!! I'm new to firearm ownership but I've got to shoot a G23 when I went up north in Wisconsin a few years ago in Necedah. After I got the opportunity to shoot the G23 I was instantly hooked and eventually needed one. I made the purchase last time hopefully everything goes through should take a 4-5 days for it to arrive at the store so I can go pick it up.
  13. Just a FYI, I have a 9mm conversion barrel for my G35. I have often used the .40 mags and just loaded them with 9mm. It works perfectly. The 9mm sticks out of the mag a lot more, and looks like it’s gonna squeeze out but it doesn’t. It sounds crazy but try it.
  14. I'd prefer the Gen 3. No need for interchangeable back straps (which is a must for G20's an G21's) and I like the single recoil spring better
  15. How much different is the single vs dual? I've got to shoot a gen 4 but I haven't got to try a gen 3 yet.
  16. A distributor had some Gen 4s in BFG in their weekly email, sold out.
  17. I've shot both and I can't tell the difference, but I can't tell much difference between 9mm an 40 caliber either, having shot a G19 and a G23 side by side, but some people think it's a YUGE difference.

    I just like the single spring because it's simpler and because to me there is no difference.
  18. Unless it's a purple label. I have a G19 that came with three mags. With A very generic SKU# like "G1915US".
  19. Okay so I found the model number I guess I missed it during check out haha it's: PI2350201 which is the gen 3 g23 it also states it comes with 2 mags like someone previously stated above gen 3s come with 2 mags and gen 4s come with 3.
  20. Good luck with that, see my recent post...

  21. Here's some more good info to know about Gen 3 Glocks. The Navy Seals recently added the Glock 19 to their "approved arsenal," and specified Gen 3 Glock 19. Here's why: All Gen 3 Glocks have a single coil guide rod. Gen 4 and above have the captured double coil. The double has the propensity to collect debris and malfunction quicker than the single coil. You can imagine the Seals are often getting sand and seaweed, ocean junk into their side arms. The Gen 3 keeps functioning longer than Gen 4, according to all their field testing and comparisons. Then, I already told you about the Glock 23 - how easy it is to convert it. A Glock 23 is 3 guns in one. 9mm, 40 caliber, and 357 Sig. It comes from factory a .40, but 9mm and 357 Sig conversion takes less than 60 seconds.
  22. I checked out your post. We will see how it plays out. Bass pro didn't say the Glock 23 was in stock, but they were accepting online orders so I think it take 4-5 days to order from the manufacturer. Hopefully I get the gun. If not, worst case I'll get my money back. But nothing has cancelled yet so we'll see how it all plays out.
  23. Wow this is some great information once again! Very much appreciated. Yeah it seems like the Glock 23 has a lot of options as far as conversions which is always nice!
  24. Should they decide to screw you on a run around... PK firearms has a G23 for cheaper. Even has night sights.
  25. Prefer gen 3 to gen 4
    We have both 23 & 27 issue
    21’s & 30 if we pay for the ammunition, holsters. I also use a 10mm conversion for hogs and bear country. We’ve always donated the hogs we’ve culled but this year with meat short supplied 2 of us are freezing and canning everything we can. A number of calibers can be converted.
    23 can be converted to 9mm or 357sig without any change to extractor$150 for a barrel $20 for a magazine
  26. I figured, seems they have some BS business practices now. Can you not find one locally?
  27. I've been trying to find a G23 for the past month no where locally. I'll have to find somewhere online and maybe gen a FFL transfer to my local gun shop. Very frustrated. Someone mentioned PK Firearms having one with night sights. It actually looks like a really good deal. I wonder if it's brand new or not? This one in particular hopefully the link works: https://pkfirearms.com/glock-23-gen-3-night-sights-40-sw
  28. Ill PM you in a bit
  29. Thanks for the heads up. I contacted PK Firearms yesterday and they had 1 left in stock so I made a purchase with them. Got an FFL transfer to my local gun shop and the gun is on the way just got the tracking info earlier this afternoon. Again, thank you for the heads up I appreciate it.
  30. Glock 23 Gen3 was my first Glock, it's a keeper.
  31. I shot one before, I just always wanted one. My local gun shop got it in today, going to pick up tomorrow.
  32. I just wanted to throw my 2 cents worth into the conversation on the 23. I picked up a LE trade in at GT Distributors about 6 months ago. $359.00 plus tax got me a like new G23 Gen4 w/Trijicon night sights,6 mags with original box and all paper work.It literally appeared to have never been carried. Out of the 8 Glocks I own this is hands down the most accurate one in the group. I am sure you will not finds deal like this in the current climate we find ourselves today. I love mine,I'm sure yours will be a keeper too! Be safe.
  33. I just started looking for one, took about three months to get a Gen 3 G-19 I picked up a few weeks ago.
    The fun begins!
  34. I'm very excited to get mine. Unfortunately I had to work OT at work so I wasn't able to make it to the gun shop today so I'll pick up tomorrow. They closed about an hour after I got out of work which sucks. However, I'm off tomorrow so tomorrow is the day!

    Good luck! Yeah I was looking for a while and couldn't find one anywhere. I tried ordering from bass pro, but they accepted my order, I made the transaction, they had me on process for 3 days, I called and asked why I had my order cancelled, and the dude on the phone at the firearms department was giving me an attitude so they definitely lost my business. Someone on this thread told me there was a G23 for sale at PK Firearms website and I bought the one with the night sights.

    If you are still looking for a G23 gen 3... there is a G23 still available at PK with Fiber optic front sights (I took the one with the night sights, which isn't available anymore they had 1 left.) Here is the link if you are interested: https://pkfirearms.com/glock-23-40-sw-fiber-optic-front-sight
  35. Glad to hear it. Enjoy and may you never NEED to shoot it.
  36. Last February I snagged a lightly used Gen 4 23/ 7 13rd mags (only one used)/1 new 22rd mag/box/accessories for $365 on GB. Had to add AG Hackathorn NS.


    My wife still hasn't figured out I added another gun, good thing Glocks look alike.

  37. [​IMG]Got my gun today!
  38. Sweet, I wish I had your luck, well worth the wait.
  39. Meanwhile, I ordered some ammo from PK about a few days ago. They said tracking was sent even though I checked all my spam filters. I asked if they could send the tracking number again yesterday, and no response. Today I sent them another message, and the day is almost over and still don't have my tracking information and I had my receipt for 4 days now. Not happy.
  40. OK I'll bite, what does PK stand for?
  41. Not sure, but all I know is I ordered 4 of 50 round boxes of .40 ammunition and they refuse to respond and give me a tracking number. It's currently been 5 days and they are ignoring my emails, and not responding to my voice messages. I'm starting to think I got scammed haha.
  42. So was this PK Firearms in Shelbyville, IL?

    Did they charge your credit card?

    I looked it up on google and it shows a farm and corn fields, it would worry me but then someone hacked my Google account and got me for $1800 in seven separate transactions, so I'm very careful now.

    Maybe try checking them out with the BBB in Shelbyville if that's where they are.
  43. Yes, and funny enough I ordered a Glock 23 from them and it shipped the next day tracking number no problem. I got the gun and everything is good. But for some reason I ordered some ammo from them, and they are ignoring my emails and phone calls and not giving me a tracking number.

    I used a different email and acted like I was someone else to see if they responded to other emails and if they were truly ignoring me, sure enough they responded to the other email I used but they didn't know it was me. Something fishy is going on, and they are giving me a tracking number I need to know the whereabouts of this package.

    I checked all over the internet and everywhere I look says they are a creditable business. I checked BBB and they don't have any complaints or anything. I tried calling them and they let the phone go to voicemail (during normal business hours.) I don't know what I did wrong, I just wan't the tracking number to the product I ordered. This is very standard procedure here lol

    They only replied to me once saying "Check spam filter, tracking information has been sent". I then attempted numerous of times to try and tell them I triple checked my email and I didn't receive a tracking number. I'm not sure how difficult it is to send a tracking number again through an email or at least pick up the phone and talk to me. Very disappointing and I'll definitely be leaving some bad feedback if I don't hear back at all. Not very good customer service, very unprofessional. It's already been proven they are ignoring my emails. They either screwed it up and don't want me to see it, they ran out of stock and are not telling me, or just simply hate me because I live in Texas haha
  44. It sounds like you have done everything possible.

    Did they charge your credit card?

    It is weird that they have ignored you.

    According to their FAQ page, their system will not allow you to check out if the product you want is not in stock.

    How much ammo did you order?

    I can't remember for sure, but my last Underwood order was for 4 boxes of 9mm (80 rds), flat rate shipping was only $7.95 and I'm thinking they came USPS but I'm not sure. I've had trouble with tracking #s from them several times.
  45. Nice! I am a big fan of Hogue grips on my Glocks as well.