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FTF sale in Portland, OR area:

DPMS AP4 .308
16" barrel
factory quad rail
JP yellow trigger springs (factory springs as well)
qty = 2, 20 round mags
qty = 2, 4 round mags
factory cleaning kit & sling
factory front sight post
factory removable rear sight
condition is very good with a couple cosmetic blemishes (tiny finish dings on rail from leaning rifle on a rock)

Selling this carbine to finance other toys. Its been 100% reliable with several hundred rounds through it (can determine exact round count if desired, but should be under 500). It was the NRA Rifle of the Year a couple years ago. I have gotten 5/8" and 7/8" 3-shot groups at 200 yards on separate occasions using cheap 150gr soft-point Federal ammo (may do even better with match ammo). It shoots well (see links below for reviews).

Sell carbine for $1000 firm. They currently sell for about $1350 with one 20-round mag. You will get an extra 20-round mag, plus two 4-round mags for hunting.

FTF in Portland metro area. Not interested in trades other than Freedom Arms, or S&W 325.

Also have a Larue Tactical SPR mount and Kahles 2-7x CL Multi-zero scope on rifle. The mount is a quick detach and has held zero with numerous removals and installations. The scope has 5 zeros. I currently have the scope set at 200, 300, 400, 500, & 600 yards. Range your target, dial in the scope (done in a second or less, no counting clicks or straining to see turret marks), and pull the trigger. I have shot at 400, 500, and 600 yards with excellent results. Price with scope and mount is $1600.

Please note, I will not separate scope and mount before selling rifle. I'd like to sell everything as a package for $1600. If the buyer wants the rifle, but not the scope and mount, I may keep them. Its a high-end scope and I'm not itching to sell it.

Reviews on carbine:

Reviews on Larue: No reviews needed on Larue mount. They are the best and if you do an internet search you can find tons of info.

Reviews on scope: the scope is a CL. See the scope scale at SWFA. The Kahles CL is one of the best scopes for optical clarity and have an excellent reputation for durability. You can find more info on online.

Thanks for looking.SO
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