Divine Intervention.

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    Two men were sitting on the roof of their house, watching the flood waters rise.
    Along came a old man driving a horse and cart.
    "Quickly," he yelled, "Get on before the water gets too high."
    The older of the two replied,"No thanks. In God we trust, he'll save us." The old man drove away.
    Several hours later a young bloke on a rubber boat roared up.
    "Get on fella's, I'll take you to safety."
    The older man again replied,"No thanks. In God we trust, he'll save us." The boat left.
    Very soon, the water was up to their waist's.
    A helicopter hovered overhead and the rescuer yelled down,"We've come to rescue you."
    "No thanks," said the older man. "In God we trust, he'll save us."
    At that moment both were swept off the roof an disappeared in to the murky water.
    When they arrived at the pearly gates, the older man asked to see God.
    He was taken into Gods presence.
    "God, I've been faithful and good all my life. Why did'nt you save me?"
    God replied,"But my son, I sent you a horse and cart. I sent you a boat. I even sent you a helicopter!!!

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