Dish/VCR/DVD Hookup

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by DWavs, Aug 5, 2007.

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    Ok...20 years ago I considered myself pretty up on brainstorming electronics but I am at a loss for this one.

    We have Dish and I am attempting to hook up a DVD player upstairs in the living room. We currently have a VCR hooked up right now so my wife can show those little baby tapes to our son. needs to stay put. It is hooked up the old fashion way. Satellite into the VCR and coaxial coming out of the vcr into the TV.

    I was just gonna use a toggle switch to go between the DVD player and VCR but the DVD player doesn't have a normal coxial type cable hook up. It only has the white, red, and yellow outputs and another similar type output opposed to the old coaxial type.

    Short of using an RF mudulator, what can I do? The receiver has the white, red, and yellow open as does the DVD player but if I hook the cables up to the two, I get no picture.

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    Okay, I'm assuming that your TV doesn't have composite (red, white, and yellow) or s-video (round multi-pin connector) inputs? If not you're pretty much stuck with getting a RF modulator. The composite connectors on your satellite receiver are more than likely outputs not inputs.

    You can get video switchers with a built-in RF modulator to allow multiple devices to hook to a single RF input on your TV.

    BTW, TV connections are getting very complicated these days, especially when you get into HD sets. There is RF, composite (also known as RCA), component (three cables simply for the video signal), s-video, DVI, and HDMI.

    Confused yet? :supergrin: