Discrete daily bug bag, earth colored, for Draco, padded, normal looking.

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    May 18, 2008
    I am looking for an earth colored back pack that I can carry with my normal stuff in. I want to double it as a bug out bag. I want it to be large enought to carry a Draco AK47 pistol which is 23'' long, earth colored and discrete, and padded. Many people are carrying extra large back packs these days. I would prefer it to be super heavy duty. I want a padded back pad, hip belt, and padded straps. Max expedidion doesnt have large enough packs. What other good companies can I look at?
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    Jun 14, 2005
    good companies or good bags?

    look at the specs, and if necessary do some spot reinforcement (unlikely), and buy an earth colored cordura 3 day (midsize) climbing pack, likely china made.

    I have seen plenty of bags that had no brand name that were functionally equivalent to double priced top tier bags. Look at the denier of the cordura, and the total weight, and go for heavy and you're there.

    Strap set up and total length are your minimal criteria, so you want a bag with a long/continuous internal length, more a ruck than a compartmented.

    Padding, specifically to disguise the outline of a rifle, isn't going to be there, period, in anything not purpose built to that design. You'll have to dummy or fake some disguise, but a piece of 3/8 closed cell foam weighs mere grams and is throwaway packing for fancy speakers. :) A sleeve for the gun would take 10 minutes to make and install. Make what you need. Good training. :)
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    Check out Hawkepaks. There a small shop and it all made in the USA.


    I had one of their rifle bags. And it's GOOD TO GO!!!