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Dillion Precision 300 Rl Press

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by madriverbullets, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. madriverbullets


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    May 9, 2006
    DILLION 300 RL Looking to get $300 shipping included as well as delivery confermationwill take paypal add 3.5% or postal money order ..
    (PLEASE PAY CAREFULL ATTENTION TO PICS )This dillion RL 300 Reloader made in 1981 less than 1000 exist and were made I got new primer slides large and small from dillion and a 550 instruction manual from dillion as well one thing I can say for this company is if you have a problem give them a call and they will make it right it was the predessesor to the 450 which is todays modern 550b and this sucker is dusty but it is in very good condition so if you collect or are just looking for a dillion loader then this one is for you it takes the modern 550 dillion shell plates & Accessories comes with dillions warranty it is set up for 30 carbine right now with a set of 30 carbine lyman dies also comes with large and small primer pick up tubes and a bunch of other parts has number 8 shell plate and number 2 number 5 and 45 auto plate other than that I havent reloaded any thing but 30 carbine with this press as I have a rl 550b and use that this was given to me by a friend so waht you see is what you get.The Standard Features are as Follows: * Accommodates over 160 Calibers *Uses Standard 7/8" x 14 Dies * Loading Rate:500-600? Rounds/Hour I cant say and neither could dillion *Semi Automatic Powder Measure *Semi Automatic Primer System *LIFETIME Warranty