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DiGenova Blasts MSNBC for Hiring Ex-FBI Lawyer Lisa Page

  1. Heck, it was a smart move for MSNBC.

    I present you a situation. You run (not own a network). You are competing for advertising dollars. The intermediary advertising agency touts to its clients about its ability to achieve marketing inroads among certain demographics.

    The network (which sells itself to affiliates) has to differentiate itself to gain viewers.
    Here are a few options:
    1. have boring, deliberate and factual news employees, consultants and contributors who don't attract viewers.
    2. have opinionated, controversial, and admitted liars or the politically connected as news employees, consultants and contributors.

    You chose the educated woman who lied repeatedly, said she was religious and then confessed she was a liar. Just the type of person to draw right wing and left wing viewers.

    You chose the woman with no job experience because a relative has been a high government official and may be, just may be, this highly compensated reporter won't turn out to be the dud that you were warned she would be.

    Or you get the hussy as your commentator.

    Then even the hacked off right wingers from this forum will watch, so they can vent.

    bingo. MSNBC wins. Hell, I don't know what MSNBC is - and I dont watch t.v.

    Always follow the money.