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Guys a couple of motoring questions:

How long do you warm up a diesel engine sa umaga?
How about kung if the engine is still hot after use?

How long do turbo diesels need to be cooled down?
Paano kung short trip[ lang ( 10 min )and the vehicle barely exceeded 40kph , does it still need to be cooled down?
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Originally posted by antediluvianist
Not much difference anymore, percentage-wise, between price of diesel fuel and gasoline . And most gasoline engines can run quite well enough on regular; premium not necessary. So, is it worth getting a diesel-engined car? I am thinking of a Pajero, one of the new big ones, but.....
For our family, getting a diesel van was worth it because we chalk up a lot of kilometers in a short span of time. My Sedona has run over 147,000-km to date in its 4 years of existence, and we haven't had to have any overhaul or major work done on the engine yet.
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