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Did you ever meet anybody noteworthy while you were in?

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A lot of guys do their 3 years and the most significant person they meet is their Battalion Commander. So, while you were in, who did you meet?

My list includes General DePuy, General Patton (the son)Commander of the 2nd Armored Division, General "Stormin' Norman" Schwarzkopf, Admiral Long (CINCPAC), and my Divarty Commander with 2nd Infantry Division, Col. "Big John" Burlingame.
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The many exceptional NCOs I had the privilege to serve with in Armor and CAV units. Two of the best of the best was a 77F E7 in Fulda, who had served as a guard for Rudolf Hess in Spandau, and a 11E E7 at Ft Lewis who was a riffed MAJ…fortunately he was assigned as a 2LT mentor in the Tank BN S3 shop…all new 2LTs to our battalion were “assigned“ to the S3 shop when they arrived and served a tutelage with him before being assigned to a tank platoon…this was in the mid-70s and we needed that type of NCO badly!!!!

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During my time as a Marine scout, the only two 'exceptional' people I remember meeting/interacting with were Richard Marcinko and Carlos Hathcock.

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When I was on the NYSE Trading Floor I met General Anthony Zini. At the time he was Commandant of the Marine Corps. I shook hands with President Reagan and Gorbachev, President Bush (W), and a host of sports personalities.

Throwing people other than Presidents was always kind of a thing on the NYSE. There's always one in every group that tests a guest's mettle, and I worked with one such guy. When General Zini came to the floor he was wearing his dress uniform. "Impressive" doesn't even begin to describe the man. He may have only stood about 5'5", but his presence made him seem about eight feet tall. Jerry approached him, shook his hand, and complimented his uniform.

Jerry: "General, that's a great uniform.
Zini: "Why thank you son." <wry smile, like he was expecting an ambush>
Jerry: "Ya know, I collect uniforms. I'd like to buy yours."
Zini: "No, I'm sorry but I can't sell you this one. However, I know a way for you to get one of your very own."
Jerry: <eyes bulge slightly, makes his retreat>

Did this curly-haired wise-ass stock broker really think he could rattle a man like General Zini?

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To my pal Jerry: B!tch please.

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Not sure how noteworthy, but me and a buddy was walking around our perimeter during a bivouac. We unexpectedly came upon a tall, black Green Beret, who looked 100% the role. He had AirBorne and Ranger patches, a Infantry badge. He looked like something produced by West Point and dare I say Hollywood. He was very polite to us and didn’t try to provoke a superior complex. My head seemed to only reach his elbows, so I was almost speechless. To this day I have never met a officer or soldier more intriguing.

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As a Combat Photographer I sometimes got tasked with tailing VIPs around. Here are some
General Jones Commandant USMC aboard Camp Lejeune
General Hagee Commandant USMC Al Asad Iraq
General Schoomaker US Army Djibouti
General Peter Pace USMC Chmn Joint Chiefs of Staff Djibouti
General John Abizaid US Army Djibouti
Colin Powell SoS Haiti
General Broadwater US Army
Oliver North Al Quaim, Iraq
Collective Soul Djibouti
Robin Williams Djibouti
Blink 182 Bahrain
I know I’m forgetting a bunch.

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