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Did biden’s people just crawfish?

  1. My wife just told me that Biden’s people pulled him out of future debates, true?
  2. Haven't seen anything in the Twitterverse about it...

    He'd be crazy to skip any of them.
  3. He is sending Stormy in!
  4. Stormy would provide a better show than Biden
  5. Not yet, looks like they're trying to get Trump to pull the plug by putting an over-ride on his mic so the pro-Biden moderator can silence Trump at any time.

    Like I said in another thread, if Trump's scrappy street-fighter style was hurting him politically the lefties would be more than happy to let him keep going. As it is I'm seeing all the never-Trumper types claiming the debate was a "travesty" and that the "mean orange guy has to be made to stop" (translation: Trump won).

    Only criticism I have of Trump's debate performance was that he was too restrained and respectful of his opponents, Biden and Wallace.

  6. Well said. This isn't the time for decorum. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. Fight like your life depends on it.
  7. Even die hard Trump supporters I know said the debate was a train wreck. If Biden's campaign has any sense, they will pull out. Trump acted like an ass and a bully (from what Trump supporters I work with say) so why would Biden give him a chance to act presidential, logical, and in command of the issues?
  8. Great post.

    Amazing the number of Never Trumpers and concern trolls on a gun forum telling us Trump blew the debate. Well, he "blew" all the Hillary debates too.

    See how far acting "Presidential" gets you when it is two against one and against people who don't respect the office.

    They never talk about how frail Biden is which is odd considering he wants to start a new job that ages you greatly.

    Of course a Harris-Biden win means certain New York style gun control or worse but at that point the Never Trumpers will vanish.
  9. I'd like to see what that would do to the viewership numbers
  10. Old Joe Biden doesn't need to show-up. The so called "moderators" will do his job for him and do it better.
  11. Because, it actually does.
  12. But, but, but... If Biden won so conivibgly why wouldn't they want to display his incredible skill twice more? With even freindlier "moderators" no less...

  13. Sadly, Trump gave him an easy excuse. "He talked over me, resorted to name calling" etc. It will sell to his followers.
  14. What name calling from Trump? I heard Biden calling Trump names. Clown, fool. Heard Biden say "will you shut up" and "shut your trap." Trump was too aggressive with the interrupting, but the low grade invective all came from Biden.
  15. Since all the legitimate polls have Trump destroying Biden in the first debate, they would be foolish to let him back in the ring with the President.
  16. Exactly right.

    If Harris/Biden wins, particularly if its by the mail-in vote fraud that it looks like the dems are planning to perpetrate, then America will be fully transformed from the best and freest Republic the world has ever known to a nasty little tin-pot dictatorship like California or Venezuela.

    This is not the time to be worried about hurting the feelings of snowflakes, it is the time to convince the great Silent Majority in states like TX, WI, AZ, and FL that their wealth, their freedom, and ultimately their lives depend on Trump beating the leftists.

    PS I see there's another article by NeverTrumper George "I'm With Her" Will to the effect that the "debates must be stopped", which further reinforces my opinion that Trump won the debate. A quick check of the record shows that G.Will has been writing a series of articles advising Harris/Biden on who their cabinet picks should be, as well as his thoughts on their foreign policy priorities..... Looks like he's sucking up to 'em before they've even stolen the election.
  17. I have heard that he is pulling out of future debates this morning. Nothing in a formal statement from the Biden campaign just the media rumors.

    Which I am guessing they are counting the poll effect of just rumoring his not going to future debates before they make the formal decision.
  18. G, Will should go back and write books about baseball again. These deceivers of democracy are not fooling anyone, except those who are already blind.
  19. There are questions that Biden should answer. The antifa question, the loading of the SCOUS question, the two new states question, Law and order questions, Raising taxes question, SS, medicare, Health insurance to name just a few.
    You can be sure the moderator will not challenge Biden on these questions, So Trump will and that is when his MIC will be shut off.
  20. Yeah BS! He just did to the Democrats what the Democrats and their press has done to him for the last 5 years!
  21. You may need to find a new group of Trump supporters to hang out with.


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  22. The Meany Metric.
  23. The democrat msm idea of decorum is being a debate punching bag like McCain and Romney.

    Nice guys finish last.
  24. I’m a Trump supporter and I thought it was a train wreck for both candidates. Yes, Trump talked over Biden, but Biden did the same. Biden also lied repeatedly, called Trump a clown, told him to shut up, etc. My biggest complaint about Trump wasn’t standing up for himself (talking over), it was his failure to address specific Biden lies that are easy to address. He dropped the ball on a handful of slam dunks, in my view.
  25. Imagine if you will ... Biden going up against Putin or Xi Jinping ... :wow:
  26. If they do debate again with mic cutting clause and they keep cutting Trump's mic and not Biden's, it will show everyone even more, what a slimy bunch the left are, not that half the people will care.
  27. Which polls are you looking at? I’m trying to find evidence Trump won with Independents, women and minority voters, the ones he needs to win the election, but I’m not finding “legitimate” poll results that give me hope.

    Did the President win with his base? Of course. Did he persuade voters outside of his base to reject Biden? I don’t think he delivered any knockout blows.
  28. Regarding addressing Bidens lies.

    So many lies so little time .

    Addressing lies is defensive.

    Trump goes on offense.

    My opinion is that Trump says things to bring in info that the msm avoids or buries and to rattle Biden.

    Countering Wallace served the purpose of shattering the strawman questions so the moderators lie is not repeated over and over in the msm.

    Also disrupts the Wallace , (moderator) plan to protect Biden.

    Now the msm is clammoring for the remaining two debates cancellation.

    Apparently Biden is a real star and the Democrat msm complex is real confident in Biden's capability.
  29. Viewership was already down 11,000,000 from the first Trump/Clinton debate in 2016. My thought is many more won't watch the second or third debate no matter if changes are made. Most folks have made their mind up who to vote for anyway.
  30. I’m not convinced Trump has enough support to win at this point. So, I hope there are still lots of undecided voters out there and that Trump can perform well in the remaining debates. Pence needs to do well against Harris, too.
  31. I follow Helmut Norpoth who predicted Trump in 2016 and is calling for a landslide Trump in 2020. I'm not sure which results he cites for the debate since he doesn't actually list them, but his commentary was that "all the real polls" show that Trump won the debate hands down. He's been my go-to guy for presidential elections since 1996.

    One of his comments, based on the primary results, is "People forget how badly Biden did in New Hampshire with only 8% of the Primary vote." His "system" uses the primaries as a driver for the math in his model.

    He's also been a pretty good prognosticator over the years. He will say things like, "Trumps rating will go up next month by 3% with the general public" and pretty much be right on - though he also says his system doesn't us this rating in the calculation.

    I do believe that the only way the Democrats can win this year is by fraud, and that the MSM polls are all completely worthless.
  32. Those are not die-hard Trump supporters. Those are die-hard RINO libs. Like many on GT
  33. They need to have a big, time clock so everyone can watch when the clock starts and how much time is left.

    A sitdown with Rogan would be best. That way Joe can't read off notes so easily.
  34. Too bad you're not the audience DJT needed: He needs the Karens.
    He threw a temper tantrum on stage.
  35. Trump should bring a radio frequency blocker to the next one - disabling Joe's Mojo contacts and listening devices...

    These can block AM, FM, Cellular, Wifi, Bluetooth... within a controllable radius.

    Trump can just carry it in his pocket.
  36. True, and Biden interrupted Trump first.
  37. I already posted about this...but I will reiterate: Rona Barrett came up with the best answer on a show today: She said one very simple rule going forward; Moderator asks the question, candidate must answer the question directly and w/o spin...the debate does Not continue until each question posed is answered. In the case of Mr Biden failing to answer the direct question posed about Stacking the Supreme Court...the debate stops until the question is answered...period.