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DG bullets has 9mm bullets

  1. Just place an order for 1000 124 HiTek bullets. Not sure how the other suppliers are doing but thought it best to order more now. Price was very competitive at $.076 each for 1k delivered.
  2. I bought 1K 147gr FPs to sample last Sunday...still no shipping info, but the homepage suggests 1-2 weeks behind now.

    I'm in no rush, as I am still trying to dig myself out from all the 'samples' I purchased when components starting getting more scarce. :)
  3. Well they won’t now.
  4. My order finally shipped, so not too longer of a wait with DG (just got my order confirmation, so now I know what "DG" stands for). :)
  5. Reloads for $76 ?
  6. Projectiles- Component

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  7. No, just the bullets. You still need brass, primers and powder to make a round.

  8. Damn Good. Seriously.
  9. MBC is my go to and they are 4-8 weeks back logged and add another 2 weeks to that for how slow shipping is currently.
  10. Ordered 1k of 230gr RN on 09/11, shipping notice on 09/22, rc’d today (09/25). I also was unaware of the acronym until my notice. I am planning on a range session tomorrow, so I will see if they are indeed that good.
  11. What is a DG? Dragon Gold? Damn Good? Secret supplier that only those in the know can recognize?
  12. Asked and answered.
  13. do you load these the same as copper plated?
  14. I'll let the more qualified answer but I follow cast lead data.
  15. Thanks!
    The only powder I have is Unique. Trying to figure out if I can use that with the 115 or 124 grain bullets.
  16. If talking about Unique with a 124 gr coated lead in 9mm, then absolutely. Unique is great for that. I load in the high 4s under coated 124 gr TC cast.

    And cast data is appropriate for coated cast bullets.
  17. Thanks!
    Is the oal the same as for cast?
  18. What is TC
  19. Typically not.

    OAL is specific to each bullet and chamber. In my experience, I seat a cast TC bullet much shorter than a round nose FMJ in order to keep the shoulder from creating interference in the barrel. Otherwise it won't chamber.

    Truncated cone.
  20. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t feel the NEED for the fanciest HP for a potential defensive load. If using a FMJ, plated bullet, or lead, it will most likely get the job done. Use 3 if needed.

    If my favorite defensive bullets are out of stock, I’ll buy what’s available, develop a viable load.
  21. An lesser alternative to JHP is infinitely better than no ammo at all when times are tough.
  22. I ordered 3,500 on the 9mm on the September 19, and they shipped today. I'll see if they are as good as Bayous.
  23. I received mine today...so far can only say:

    1.) coating thinner than any other coated I have tried (only loaded 4 brands so far, so discount my opinions accordingly) :) ...scratched off when I dropped one on the garage floor and another scratched off while putting in my kinetic bullet puller (before I even gave it a wack). Hopefully no leading (only pushing 880fps for minor).

    2.) weights were all over the place (pulled 25 to weigh...2 were over the 147gr target, the rest were light and more variance than usual. I weigh a bunch when I do my evaluations and group by similar weights when load testing, so we'll see.

    I'm wondering if these smaller operations are short-cutting the process while up to their necks in backorders, as my first 8 bags of Blue Bullets were very nice...probably couldn't get the coating off if I took my pocket knife to the bullets. However, they sent me a replacement bag for those .358s that should have sized to .356 and the coating sucked, which left me less enamored with Blues. Hmmmm.

    I am starting to favor the consistency of swaged. Is that wrong?
  24. No, HiTek coated bullets do not lead even to 1,500 fps. And if you are not shooting competition, the Minor floor has no meaning. Only function and accuracy. The coating should not come off if properly cured.
  25. Hi-Tek does go on thin. It shouldn't easily scratch off. I had a batch like that from Acme last year. Improper application of the coating. I didn't load many of those.

    I did my own coating job with Hi-Tek and didn't do it right. BAD leading. All that batch was re-melted.
  26. George Kaplan: I still can't find anywhere the DG was defined.
    Why not answer rather than be snotty?
  27. COL is gun/bullet specific.
    COL Note:

    Per Ramshot (and all other reloading suppliers):
    It is important to note that the SAAMI �COL� values are for the firearms and ammunition manufacturers industry and must
    be seen as a guideline only.
    The individual reloader is free to adjust this dimension to suit their particular firearm-component-weapon combination.
    This parameter is determined by various dimensions such as
    1) magazine length (space),
    2) freebore-lead dimensions of
    the barrel,
    3) ogive or profile of the projectile and
    4) position of cannelure or crimp groove.
    � Always begin loading at the minimum "Start Load".
    � Increase in 2% increments towards the Maximum Load.
    � Watch for signs of excessive pressure.
    � Never exceed the Maximum Load.

    Your COL (OAL) is determined by your barrel and your gun and your magazine. What worked in a pressure barrel or in my gun has very little to do with what will work in your gun. Load a couple of dummy rounds (no powder and no primer) to the max. COL (OAL) and see if it fits your magazine, feeds in your gun, and chambers in your barrel.
    Seat the bullet slightly deeper until you achieve all three of these goals. This is the COL (OAL) for you in your gun with that make of bullet. You are the one in control. Enjoy it. You can make ammunition tailored to your gun and not have to load to the minimum COL (OAL) as do the factories.
  28. Properly applied and cured HiTek should be about .0001"-.0002"

    X, more important than slight variations in weight is what diameter did your DG's measure to?
  29. No real difference between 124/125 with the same bullet shape.
  30. See posts 4 and 8

  31. I assume all the coating gravitates to the top so you can skim it off the lead when re-melting?

    I hear you on Acme. I have some that lost coating just seating the bullet (not from not enough flare, but from the seating stem). And no matter how much flare and little crimp I used, the coating scratches down to lead on many of the bullets I pulled. I'll load these last. :)

    I wanted to love them, but I didn't find anything special that made them competitive with other coated bullets, aside from price and cool containers in which they ship.

    They are spot-on @ .3560"...usually pull out a dozen or so and each was on the money.

    I have a bunch of less-than-scientific things I do to informally evaluate all these bullets I bought for testing, one being rolling them around the bench and checking for 'wobble' (I believe you guys would call it "concentricity"?). I had a couple that did, in fact, wobble rather than rolling smooth, but all in all, these are on par with other coated bullets I have tried (though still haven't loaded these DGs yet...just received them the other day and a few in the queue before them).

    I wasn't bashing them by no means when mentioning the weight variance and ease of 'scratching' the coating off, just my early observations. :)

    After seeing how they are made, I have loosened my 'weight variance' standards and fully understand that a couple of grains here and there is immaterial in the grand scheme of things.

    I have, however, found some in the last batch of Blues I received that were 162.5gr...in a bag of purported 147gr bullets. I'm starting to blame all fliers on these outliers I am finding in coated bullets. :)

    The swaged/plated bullets, however, have been pretty tight...can weigh out 50 for load testing +/- 0.1gr from the advertised weight within 60-70 bullets. I doubt I could find 50 same weight in coated if I weighed 3x that number. I get this comes at a cost, though, and coated are definitely delivering acceptable accuracy at an affordable cost.


    This pic didn't come out as clearly as I had hoped, but the full length scratch down to bare lead just placing the finished dummy into the 'collet' of my bullet puller, which made me take a closer look at the coating on these.

  32. I'm not a stickler on the weight, but the rookie in me favors consistency for sure. :)

    These are next in the queue...135gr, though not a single measured in at/above 135gr...which is okay, as I got a nice, tight grouping of weights and will just keep in mind that they average a 1/2 grain less that advertised weight. :)

    I didn't have to weigh many to find 50 weighing the same (I do 5 strings of 10 during load development, so like to get 50 that weight the same, or very close).

    I found some other plated bullets where about 95% of them were +/- 0.1gr from the target, which was impressive....doesn't matter in shooting sports, especially pistol, I get it...but I learn a lot with every measurement I take (lately my virgin brass has been the biggest contributor in OAL variance...not what I expected).

  33. OAL is not affected by case length variance. A .745" case will have the same OAL as a .755" case for the same bullet. OAL is only affected by crank pressure on the handle, which can be bullet diameter, plated, jacketed, coated, and variance in case ID usually from different cases.

    I am surprised you are have any variation at all in virgin, which means new, unfired? Whose brass is it?
  34. X, I guess it's interesting to data log all the variances the components, and catalog group sizes and velocities, but, at the end of the day, it's only about speed and reasonable accuracy with a pistol***.

    And if you really want to get a true group size, take the shooter out of the equation, and get a Ransom rest, and do testing at 50 yards for groups. They are about $425 at Midway, plus whatever grip panels you need for a particular gun.


    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDXjk6itaIw
  35. There's a lot of things here that are raising flags, so going to start a new thread to raise some concerns I had...and "fixed"...and, as a result, my fix could be contributing to this variance.

    The brass is Starline...BUT, when checking it to see is there was a bit of variance in case length, I was measuring it AFTER sized/belled (pulled them to trickle, then back on the shellplate to seat and "crimp".

    I'm going to revisit all this and start a new thread. You have me thinking. Thanks! :)
  36. My DG's arrived today. Diameter is .3560" on the mark. Coating does not scrape off. They got really good reviews by the Hosers over on Benos (BrianEnos.com) where all the competitive shooters hang out. Will load up a full stick for Saturdays USPSA match and see how they do. On top of 3.7 grains of TG with OAL at 1.100" to start and then chrono to make sure they make the Minor floor.
  37. I guess we read different threads over there, sir. :)
  38. I only read 2 reviews, both good enough to try. Most companies that support competition shooters know what they are doing. Kinda need to because Hosers are burning 20K-60K plus a year of bullets, and they wouldn't be around long if their stuff wasn't as good as Bayou, Blue, BBI, SNS and so on.

    I noticed the dent after the photo was taken, but it will have no effect on function or accuracy. The average weight is 125.8 grains, but again, that has no effect whether it's 124 or 126.

  39. Got my other order in of 14,000 Gallants. Still waiting on 3,500 BBI's, but then I'll be okay about 2 years.

    Left to right, 120 Bayou, 124 Bayou, 125 Gallant, 125 DG.

  40. Good example to address the TC vs CN questions that were floating here recently.

    Of these, do you have preferences? I might buy a bit of 9mm bullets to get me to the next casting session.
  41. I prefer the round nose truncated cone of all the shapes.
  42. I too got mine today and will load some up and post the results. I have some HP38 in the Square Deal and a range in the back yard.
  43. I fired about 30 of the DG 124gr RN in my G19 Gen4 and they loaded and shot flawlessly. Good accuracy out to 50 yards on a full sized IPSC steel target. I disassembled one round and found the Hi-Tek fully intact without any scrapes or ring. Load was 4.3 gr HP38 1.120 which is listed very close to max. I am satisfied.
  44. How nice to have a range in your own back yard!
  45. No kidding. I covet Hickock45's range. My company is strongly considering going all in on WFH permanently since we've been very successful. If they do, I'm looking at getting out of town and getting a piece of land that is adjacent to BLM land as a backdrop to some steel. Would be awesome.
  46. My wife and I moved from SoCA six years ago and bought property in NW GA. They give the land away here. I wanted room to shoot and hunt so here we are in the forest. It is sort of like Hickok's layout. I think I got the idea for the range from his videos. Steel targets are not that expensive.
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