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Determining PF w/o Chrono

  1. Hello guys, is it possible to determine your PF without a chrono? :) I have ammo kasi for the match this weekend, but I'm not sure kung papasa cuz I changed the recipe and different din yung reloader. My current recipe is 4.7gr of VV N320, OAL of 1.17. My old load was around 4.6gr VV N20 with unknown OAL. I clocked at exactly 170pf. I added 1 gr. to be on the safe side. :supergrin: Does a change in OAL significantly change the velocity of the bullet? BTW, 180gr gamit ko na heads. :supergrin:
  2. Anong barrel yan dre? Kung schuemann o STI baka pumasa pa. But most probably minor yan.
  3. minor yan sigurado. gamit ko dati 5.0 n320 180 fmj 1.160 oal. ang pf ko around 176 to 182. bar-sto ang barrel ko.
  4. Lead ot FMJ? If you are using lead you maybe close to being major. My load for my 6 in benny hill as follows:
    4.7 grains 178 PF
    4.4 grains 171 PF
    OAL 1.190 VV 320 using 185 moly coated & STI 6 in barrel.
    TAke note that this is for a 6 in limited gun.
  5. that's not a problem, just make sure you shoot all A's!

    huwag mong gagayahin si pogi, puro Alpha Tango parati ang scoring!

    ala' tama! hahahahaha! :animlol:

  6. ask ko narin po

    load for my 45..

    i am using VV N310 pwede napo ba 4.3 grs??

    i am also using 205gr heads lead.

    thanks a lot also preparing for armscor shoot this weekend

    thanks a lot

  7. :sad: I had a thousand of these loaded!!!!:alex: :steamed:
    I shoot an STI Edge. Before kasi sa level 3 in Splendido, I barely passed with 4.6gr of N320, unknown OAL. So I assumed with an extra 1gr, for sure pasado na ako. 170pf ang minimum diba? Using Darth Board's load data, baka may chance I might squeak in at 170 pf hinde ba? (Correction 4.8gr of N320, OAL of 1.17 pala na pa load ko)
    I have some super hot loads from Truweight that clocks in at 187pf...which is TOO much for my taste.
    Any advice on what I should do? McO? Doc???:brickwall: Looks like I'm screwed!
  8. sir athsay,

    where can i get darthboards loading data po kaya??


  9. pasado yan, don't fret it! pag bagsak,kelangan mo ng magaling na ipsc lawyer! call gundog! hahaha!
  10. 4.8? Ah baka pasado na yan.
  11. hehe!! I just meant the data that he posted above. :supergrin: May utang pa ako na parts kay Steve, does he still need them? Maybe I'll just give them to you this weekend. Kailan ka putok?
  12. hehehe!!:thumbsup:
    Doc & McO, thanks!
  13. yah cige i can drop it in his office.

    cge see you sir sa saturday.