Details on GSSF match in Thibodaux April 21st & 22nd

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    I'm posting this recent e-mail from GSSF for any of you who may not be current GSSF members but might be interested in participating.

    Our USPSA Club, Cajun Action Shooters is sponsoring the event and I'll be one of the Range Officers, so if anyone needs more info, I'd be happy to help...just PM or e-mail me.

    The match will be held at the Southern Shooting Center:

    It should be a fun, lower pressure way to enjoy some competitive shooting at a nice range, meet fellow Glockers, maybe take home a prize and get your gun checked over by a Glock armorer.

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    From: "GSSF" <[email protected]>
    Date: April 5, 2007 2:36:12 PM CDT
    To: "GSSF" <[email protected]>
    Subject: Join Us For Our Inaugural GSSF Match in Thibodaux, LA on April 21st & 22nd

    Please join us the weekend of April 21st & 22nd for the Louisiana Gator
    Challenge I being hosted by the Cajun Action Practical Shooters. You
    can register for the match and avoid the walk up lines by printing the
    registration form found at '' and faxing it to
    770-437-4719 by Noon on WEDNESDAY, April 18th. If you miss the deadline
    for pre-registration, bring this email to the Walk-Up counter and we
    will waive the $10 fee. Here's our schedule:

    Saturday, April 21st - 8:30 am - Registration opens, Shooting begins at
    9:00am, Registration closes at 3:00pm

    Sunday, April 22nd - 8:30 am - Registration opens, Shooting begins at
    9:00am, Registration closes at 2:00pm

    Come out and shoot with us! Bring a new member and you and the new
    member will be entered in a drawing for a GLOCK pistol certificate! The
    new prize structure will be in effect for this match. For details,
    visit ''.

    Don't forget to take advantage of the GLOCK Armorer's services on site
    as a part of your member benefits when attending the match!

    The GLOCK Report is in final review at this time. We hope to have it
    published and in your hands soon!

    Watch for different courses of fire at upcoming GSSF Matches! Round
    counts will not change. For details, visit ''!