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Desert quail food plots

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I've got 3 species of quail (valley, gambel's and scaled) on my place and in the surrounding area. I've seen several coveys and there appears to be a good amount. Enough to put some work in to keep them happy. I've already done my part of the predator population ;), but I'd like to put in a small food plot as well.

Thing is this country I'm in now is quite a bit different than what I was in up around Phoenix and I haven't hunted any of the southern AZ quail thus far, so I'm not sure what they're after. I know they're taking off the mesquite, which I already have acres of. I'm wondering if a supplemental forage like corn or sunflowers would also be beneficial?

I've got 2 small water holes I put in that see constant action from dang near everything, but I'd like to set a special place for the birds. Both quail and doves.
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