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    This is what the BLM and their allies did to a Civil War monument commemorating the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Regiment.

    The most famous battle was assaulting the coastal fortifications at the battle for Fort Wagner, SC. They were the original BLM group.

    As you prep and go to the streets, this ideology of hate is what you are facing.
  2. We've always faced savages on the street. But now it's gotten much worse!:(
  3. Trying to desecrate and re-write history. For the love of god this country is doomed.
  4. This ideology of ignorance and hate. This was a monument to men who fought to free the slave.

    This is more evidence that BLM and antifa are only about hate. Race has nothing to do with their rampage.
  5. My wife noticed that I have been a little depressed, or just not myself over the last week. I think this is part of it. Having a niece being part of Anti fa (however you spell it), as well as a few other relatives, I am both pissed and sad. Truth be damned, forward with lies. Per them, my family and I are the problem. Perhaps if law enforcement would let us help with a fundraiser......maybe 5 bucks per pepper ball, fire a rubber bullet for a 50 bucks, tear gas canister for 100? I would feel better, and they they could raise money! (But I think the city of Seattle suspended use of chem agents, this should be interesting).