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Derek Chauvin Voted In Florida Twice

  1. Well, I didn't see this coming.


    Questions have been raised whether Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer charged with killing George Floyd, voted illegally in two Florida elections.

    Chauvin owns a home in Windermere, and according to the Orange County Supervisor of Elections, he is registered to vote in Orange County and took part in early voting in 2016 and 2018.

    Well, I assume he was planning to retire in Florida.

    Don't think that is going to happen now.
  2. Not possible. We've been told that.
  3. Who the F cares?
  4. We should demand voter ID so conservatives can't steal elections by voting multiple times. :dancing:
  5. This is the least of his problems.
  6. We already had a thread.

    The real question anyway isn't whether Chauvin voted in Florida in two different elections ... I mean he was registered there, owns property, pays taxes. The question is whether he also voted in Minnesota in those same elections. I have no idea, but just sayin' as long as he was only casting one vote then it might technically be an offense, but with de minimus effect. Voting twice (or more) on the same Tuesday though, and by the busload, that would be much worse. Of course, we know that never happens.
  7. Logic would suggest that he knew his vote would be meaningless in MN but may sway a close race in FL. This conclusion could apply whether he votes D or R.
  8. He was probably a Florida resident to get out of paying the ridiculous high taxes in Minnesota. I have 3 people in my family that do that, although they follow the residency rules.