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    A man goes into a dentists office with a bad toothache. After examining him the dentist tells him that he has a very deep cavity and that he was going to have to drill and fill it.
    The dentist left the room and returned with a syringe. Whoa, the man said, what's that for? The dentist explained that it was novacaine and that it would prevent pain. I can't use that explained the patient...I had that once and it made me sicker than a dog! The dentist replied alright and left the room again.
    When the dentist returned, he had a tank and a mask. Again the patient asked the dentist what he was going to do with all that equipment. The dentist explained that it was laughing gas and that it would help prevent the pain from the toothe drilling. Again the patient replied "I can't use that!" "I've had it before and I wasn't the same for 2 months!"
    After thinking for a bit, the dentist left the room and returned with a bottle of Viagra! The patient asked "now what the hell is THAT for"!! The dentist told him, Well, this is going to hurt like hell and you're going to need something to grab on to!!