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Democrats Have No One But Themselves, And Her, To Blame for The Ginsburg Vacancy

  1. She could have retired under Obama. She chose not to because they all thought Hillary was in the bag. Now, the Left can live with the consequences.

    "The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has given the election even more urgency than it had before. Yes, I realize that’s an understatement, but sometimes the simplest words are the best. Democrats have made no mystery of their plans should they ever obtain power again, and it’s not good for fans of individual liberty, personal responsibility, or just being left the hell alone by the government. That’s why Republicans need to move quickly and deliberately to replace her.

    So much of the progressive agenda is dependent upon twisting the plain language of the Constitution into a rat’s nest of snarls and bastardizing words to the point of unrecognizability. The only thing standing between them and getting their way is the whims of John Roberts. How terrifying is that?"

  2. I read the underlying rant:
    1. here are requirements for a pension when some of the federal judges retire:
    2. when you read the provision, essentially any retired judge can be recalled as an emergency judge.

    Sure, she could have retired and still continued to hear important cases.

    She did not retire for any reason you wish to choose
    1. no life
    2. politics
    3. hubris

    My concern are as follows: 20% of the cases are handled by senior status judges: https://www.uscourts.gov/judges-judgeships/about-federal-judges. This means that the federal court system is underfunded.

    This means that you cannot get a fast resolution of disputes. I think that business and societal interests are served better by a fast resolution of disputes.
  3. John Roberts has been a huge disappointment ... at least to republicans. He's managed to derail more legislation than they'd ever have imagined. He angers and scares me at the same time.
  4. Too bad, so sad. They made her into a progressive goddess, so of course she was unwilling to give that up.
  5. Her ego outlived her..

    With consequences to those who placed her so high on that pedestal.
  6. The leftists were so sure that Hillary would win, they never even considered forcing Ginsburg out and letting Obama replace her.
  7. Power is a far stronger drug than money. Power and control are everything to many people.
  8. I do remember some Dimocrats suggesting she consider retiring back in 2015 so Obama could choose her successor.

    The good news for her is she always said she didn't want to see Trump get re-elected.
  9. all I can say is: ding dong the.....
  10. She gambled......and she lost. That's the chance you take when you gamble.
  11. He may yet surprise, if Trump can pull this off Roberts may find his backbone in a conservative court.

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  12. I think the Deep State has something on him.