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Democratic TX House Candidate Kim Olson: 'If people loot, so what?'

  1. Start at 3:10 to skip to the context of "Even if people loot, so what. Burn it to the ground if that's what it's going to take to fix our nation"
  2. She must be on the "good white folks" list that BLM maintains. No worries, they won't burn down or loot my house.


    Oh, and...

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  3. I hate to say that disgusting piece of shi* is in Texas.
    Peaceful demonstrations, fine...but it seems that too often it turns to RIOT AND LOOTING..and I believe that LOOTERS NEED TO BE SHOT.
    That would be a first step to stop LOOTING
  5. Commies don't care about the economy.
  6. some of what she said makes sense but the comment about looting was over the top IMHO. what's wrong with acting in a civilized manner?
  7. If people shoot, so what?
  8. "What difference does it make?"
  9. How in the world does looting and burning fix anything?

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. No doubt about it.
  10. that's just it. looting and burning fixes nothing and destroys the livelihood of many and the security of all.
  11. Instead of her and many other DEMONcrats being enemy's of the state for these words, FBI see the patriotic white men as the terrorist. Their plan is to tear it all down and build their communist utopia. This will be slavery for us white men. Hispanics are not safe either. Remember George Zimmerman was a Hispanic white male in the news. They are coming for us all.
  12. Well, they’ve been after Blacks. So...

    Bad jokes aside, they are coming for us all. The Elite are the ones who are the WORST bigots. They hate ALL OF THE MIDDLE CLASS & ALL OF THOSE CURRENTLY POOR.

    They are using race to divide us.

    Ain’t gonna work on me.


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  13. Off her website. Apparently retired Air Force. :steamed:


    "We stand on the strong shoulders of those who came before us. Now it is time to be those shoulders."
    Kim Olson, Colonel, ret
  14. She lives in an alternate reality from the rest of us.

    Loot? So what. Who cares. Burn it down, if that what it takes. Well, start with her house then. She looks to be living a pretty comfortable life.

    And who is that **** behind her?

    She will probably get elected. Texas is changing.
  15. Flashback: On July 7, 2016, Micah Xavier Johnson ambushed and fired upon a group of police officers in Dallas, Texas, killing five officers and injuring nine others.

    That is why you need snipers on the roof, idiot.

    After the march the BLM leader flew to the White House for a personal meeting with Obama.
  16. The good people in Texas must be very proud of the idiot they voted for.
  17. Folks with squads of machine pistol toting armed guards have nothing to fear from looters/rioters.
  18. I thank her for her military service,, but she is a Commie Loon!
  19. This is what we face. She doesnt care what happens to anyone, as long as she gets power.
  20. Let’s start with looting her house then if it’s no big deal.
  21. What she's basically saying is, "I HAVE **** FOR BRAINS!--If you have **** for brains, too, Vote for ME!!!"
  22. I don't know why some people think Trump has it in the bag this November. Virginia has fallen, Florida is falling, Texas is falling, Montana has fallen (or close to it), and Arizona is falling.

    All of those States are going to turn blue within my lifetime. Beto almost won in Texas, for Christ's sake.....a devout Socialist almost won in Texas. Think about that for a minute.

    If Trump does win by some miracle, he's going to be a lame-duck President. Because no way do we keep the Senate.

    Better load up if you haven't already.
  23. Florida isn’t falling yet
  24. Another out of touch politician who isn't affected by the economy, shutdowns, riots and looting, etc. Really pathetic and sad.

    How would these politicians respond if the looters started looting and destroying their property, property that they had to pay for out of their pockets? I guarantee the response would be different.
  25. Hopefully, she will get her wish and a mob shows up in her neighborhood to "protest" then we shall see how fast she changes her tune. She may be old, but I bet she can change her tune faster than that Chris Palmer guy did.
  26. Hope her opponent uses that video clip in his/her campaign ads.
  27. Power. POWER. Thats what is behind ALL of it. If not for the POWER, what good is a political position. Its used for CONTROL. Control of you and me.
    I don't have to tell this audience what the next step is.......<coughgunscoughcough>...............
  28. Try that stunt most any where in Texas...will be watching.

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  29. Wow Texas, Y'all must be proud of that POS???
  30. Get back to me when Felons start voting.
  31. I'm sure all the small business owners who have lost their life's dream would be happy to spend a little time alone with her to dicuss "what".
  32. It's not okay to take a life. Yet commies are perfectly fine with taking life as what is labor but hours/days/years of life spent doing what we don't want to do.
  33. Maybe she has shares of stock in a body bag factory.
  34. That's not somebody that ever had to get by on working people's wages. She comes off like a _itch pretty much.
    Puts about the same value on everything but her public-life self.