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Rather than worrying about the cops telling the kids that daddy has a gun, maybe you should just tell the kids that daddy has a gun? Just get it out of the safe, bring them over, explain the safety rules, let them handle it (unloaded) and be safe about it. They will QUICKLY lose interest and not care anymore. I have a standing rule in my household that the kids can look at and touch any gun in my safe, any time they want to, as long as daddy is around. They just dont care or have any interest. It removes the curiosity about them.

So no, no cop is going to have a magic handshake, two eye winks, and a secret "code" to protect your kids from knowing that daddy has a gun.
My daddy wasn't a cop, but from my earliest childhood memory, I knew where his loaded 38 was in the unlocked nightstand drawer beside mom and dads bed. I knew I could look at it anytime I wanted, as long as he was there and I asked. I also knew what would happen if I handled it without permission. My dad believed in corporal punishment.

The more kids know about guns the more they won't be inquisitive about them. It's dumb to hide them from your kids it just makes it harder later. Teach them early and then there are less concerns that they will be shocked or whatever is your concern.

My state only legalized concealed carry about 15 years ago. The only encounter I've had with LEO since then, was when a girl ran into me and totaled my car. She got a Careless and Imprudent out of it. But I didn't want to alarm her by letting her know I had a pistol.

So when the officer showed up, I handed him my permit and drivers license together. The officer glanced briefly at my CCW license and handed it back to me. He said, "I don't get excited about things like that." Then he proceeded to write up his report, and call a wrecker for my vehicle.
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