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I'll be presenting DHS-1 at the Warrior Forge Range in Culpeper, VA 30-31 Aug. Cost is $250, and you'll need at least 800 rounds for the weekend.

Course Purpose: The purpose of DHS-1 is to gain an understanding of the defensive shooting environment, develop situational awareness knowledge, hone the fighting mindset, learn weapon manipulation techniques and acquire practical shooting skills.

Course Prerequisites: This class is NOT structured for novices. An NRA course, military experience or some other form of formal instruction is a prerequisite. Must be 21 years old to attend, and complete a training registration and hold harmless form.

This course DOES satisfy the Virginia Concealed Pistol Permit requirements. Maximum of 15 students.

Equipment Requirements: A center fire handgun, 800 rounds of ammunition, wrap-around eye protection, ear protection, a baseball style hat, a concealment garment, 3 spare magazines (the more the better!), a magazine pouch and a QUALITY strong side holster.*


Saturday 0900-1300

Lecture: Topics will include:

Course orientation and goals, safety, defensive shooting realities, visualization and mindset, pre-incident indicators, post-incident actions, concealment techniques, equipment selection, legal considerations. CAUTION: Videos depicting graphic violence are part of this presentation!

Saturday 1330-1700

Safety, gun handling & manipulation, ready positions, draw stroke reducing malfunctions, basic marksmanship, controlled pairs, hammers, nonstandard response (NSR) drills.

Sunday 0900-1300

Basic marksmanship refresher, drawing from concealment, communicate, shoot, move, scan drills, controlled pairs, hammers, NSR, failure drill.

Sunday 1330-1700

Movement, Negative Targetry, Trigger Control Drills, Reload Drills, Malfunction Drills, Retention, Performance on Demand testing

Additional details are available at, email me at [email protected]
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