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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by mogunr, Feb 16, 2010.

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    I see this thread pop up all the time and read most all of them with mild interest but this time it's me asking so that make a difference. Anyway... I have a certificate coming soon from the GSSF and now I'm not so sure as to what to get. I already have a G27 and a G30SF. I was convinced that my next Glock was going to be a G21SF RTF2 but now I'm waivering. The only 9 I have at the present time is a Kahr PM9 as I just sold my XD 9 subcompact so I'm sure that I'll get the "buy a G19 -everyone HAS TO HAVE ONE" reply which I'm thinking about. I have 2 - 1911's but I love .45 ACP hence the G21 idea. I would like to reload for whatever I get and so I'm still leaning toward the G21. I've been reading a lot about reloading Glocks and it's warnings so I'm shying away from the 22 and 23. I don't know.... :dunno: let the opinions fly...and thanks.
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    I think you should get a 21. Nice range gun if you want it for that purpose.

    However, you seem to have .45 covered pretty good. I would either lean towards a G19 or get a new caliber if you are into reloading.

    Might I suggest a G20 10mm? I believe you can buy a .40 barrel from Lone Wolfe if you want a 2 in 1 package. 10mm is a great round and when you can reload it right it is an extremely fun round.

    So my opinion (in order):

    1. G19
    2. G20/29
    3. G21

    Hope I helped man.

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    I had the GSSF cert as well as the promise for 2 more from the armorer's course.

    I thought, "Throw away the paperwork, I don't need anymore guns."
    But, then I decided I may as well use them, Glocks aren't getting any cheaper and If I need money I can always sell them LNIB. Or after I'm gone someone else can make a few bucks off them.

    Since I already have a 40 and 357Sig, I bought the 9mm family, G26, G19, and G17.

    And now I hear the price is going up. Look at the money I saved. :rock: $400-$600?

    I think I will shoot a GSSF match if the snow ever goes away so I can get out and practice.

    So, what will you use it for? Investment, cheapest practice, GSSF match, backup/standby for the G27, bear gun, brother to the G27, loan to wife, paperweight, other?

    :cheerleader:I vote for a G33. The 357Sig is snappy!:bowdown: A state-of-the-art cartridge in a state-of-the-art pistol. :number1:

    Your G27 will have a brother. Simply swap either pistol's barrel with a Glock barrel of the opposite caliber and you will have twins. Carry them both (called a New York reload).