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    May 13, 2006
    I wanted to express my thanks for the hard work you did in all your advice to me a couple of weeks ago concerning laptop hard drives.

    I purchased two of the Hitachi 160gb ata-7 drives a suggested, and, though they put up one HELL of a fight, they are now purring along.

    As we had a copy of Partition Magic 8, I attempted to copy the OE hard drives' info over to the new ones. This turned out to be an abortion. At one point we were pretty sure that we had permanently destroyed one of the new drives. Constant error messages, incorrect partition types and sizes, and just a general inability to do anything right, unless the command was delete. It was able to do that one right. Low and behold, it is not Vista compatible either, and wiped out the drive on my other laptop as I attempted to recover unused space. PM8 is now in the trash.

    I purchased Norton Ghost (another Symantic product {{shudder}} ), and it did the job flawlessly (and I get backup software to boot). I will admit some hardship in not knowing what the FAT partition at the beginning of each drive was; I thought it was merely a recovery section to restore to factory specs. Wrong. Once I determined that it was a necessity, not just a space hog, and created a mirror image of the old drive in it's entirety, all was well.

    No drives were hurt in the upgrade! I now have 480 gigs of space on the laptop (260 internal...that d-bay adapter is sweet!) and you to thank. I hope someday we run across each other, as I owe you a brewski!