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Dealer in Ocala or Orlando Area?

  1. Greetings, and hopefully this is the proper forum for this question. Can folk point me to a good Glock dealer in either Ocala or Orlando FL? I'm traveling to that area in a week and would like to check out prices, hopefully at big stores. The only local gun shop here wants $589 for a G26, so I'm looking elsewhere. Glock's web site doesn't have a dealer locator...

    Thanks for any pointers,
  2. Do yourself a favor drive to daytona and go to florida gun exchange they sell new glocks for 489.00 reg price, bought my last 2 there, website is www.floridagunexchange.com
  3. yeah floridagunexchange in daytona sells them pretty cheap.
    i just bought my g30 at rieg's gun shop on orange blossom trail in orlando, for 549 with a free pierce grip and box of ammo. besides those two places everyone else in orlando wants a arm and leg and wont come down on there prices.

    i was just in shooter's den in winterpark and they wanted 599 for a 26, i asked them why their prices where so high and they told me that was just a small markup over what they pay.
  4. I have always got a great deal from Shoot Straight in Apopka. 407-889-0842. All the guys are very helpful and knowledgable. I have been a member there 2 years and have bought 4-5 Glocks from them. Gunsmith on premises to assist if needed. Slainer
  5. It's a little east of Orlando, but you could give B&H Gun Rack a call. I was in there a few months ago and they were so busy, I just stood around watching/looking for a bit and left.
  6. I shoot at Shoot Straight in Apopka and they are great, but the prices on the high side. I'd take the time to drive out to BH Gunrack in Merritt Island. Great prices, knowledgeable no BS people.
  7. I have some glocks on sale at my store in saint cloud just 10-15 minutes south of orlando. I have glock 17 19 21 and 23 in the house as of right now.
  8. m1garande, what's the name of your store? I might zip down to St. Cloud and check it out.
  9. yeah im looking for a carry revolver so i would come check your store out.
    got any used snub .38 for a good price???