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Deal of the day!

  1. Stopped in the local shop and picked up this sweet Beretta for $350.
  2. nice haul
  3. That was a bargain!
  4. MecGar mags are next
  5. I have several for my other beretta!
  6. 92A1? Not a bad grab at all. Nice pistol.
  7. Great deal!
  8. Stole it!
  9. Yes sir. I almost didn’t believe it when I walked in. I scored an HK p2000 there last month for the same price
  10. Very nice.

  11. Great find, great bargain.
  12. Nice deal

    Congrats! :cool:
  13. Yeah, you definitely don't pass up a steal like that!!

  14. Excellent score, congrats!