Deadly Snake

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    A group of new recruits had been stationed overseas and were about go out for their first maneuvers. The Base Commander came out with a few words of wisdom for the group before they left.

    "Men," he said, "there is a deadly snake in these parts that can kill you with just one bite. It has orange and black stripes and usually found with its tail sticking out of the bushes. If you come across a snake just grab it by the tail, pull it out quickly and give it a karate chop on the head."

    The soldiers agreed and all took off. The maneuvers seemed to go quite well until they came back and found one of the soldiers missing. After hours of searching they finally found the guy all mangled up in a bush. He was rushed off to the hospital.

    After several days the Doctor came up to him and asked him what the hell had happened to him.

    The soldier rolled over slightly, opened one eye and said "Doc, have you ever given a tiger a karate chop in the nuts?"