Deadly ingredient in some Gum!

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    I just wanted to share this with all the dog people on GT. I read about this on a Labrador forum I frequent. One of the members who happens to be local to me had her dog eat a pack of Orbit gum which contains xylitol which is used as a sweetener. She took him to the vet and they are inducing vomiting and monitoring him.

    The vet told her “Xylitol can do a lot of damage in a short time, with just a small bit of it.”

    This is from Wikopedia.

    For dogs, xylitol can cause serious – possibly life-threatening – problems. Dogs which ingest products sweetened with xylitol may experience insulin-mediated low blood sugar hypoglycemia, possibly resulting in loss of coordination, depression, collapse and seizures as soon as 30 minutes after ingestion. One case occured in a standard poodle that ate five or six sweetened cookies. Xylitol can also cause liver failure and coagulopathy (failure of blood clotting) in dogs. Dogs that have eaten products sweetened with xylitol, including some sugar free gums, baked goods and tooth pastes, need immediate medical attention even if they are not showing illness. Sick dogs (vomiting, weak, seizuring, etc) are likely to need aggressive veterinary treatment and close monitoring of blood values.

    Keep that gum away from the pups.

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    Thanks for the heads up. I wonder if that sweetener is used in any other gums. I don't chew but my wife does. Trident, I think.