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De-escalation - Chicago style

  1. I suspect there may be more to this story.....
  2. "I am ready to work with the governor, and our other great partners in Springfield, to forge a change in state law to require licensing and certification of police officers," Lightfoot said.

    What does she think they are now?
  3. Well, there appears to be less of Bobby Rush's popcorn...
    Oh, the indignity of having your popcorn stock ravaged!
  4. The horror....:animlol:
  5. Yeah. At 0100 hours. Those cops had probably been on shift since 1100 hours and were taking a break.

    “they made popcorn... MY popcorn”

    Put it on my tab
  6. She must think that folks just show up at HQ and they hand out badges.... You get a badge and you get a badge....:rolleyes:
  7. Well, I bet the place didn't get looted (except for the popcorn).
  8. It’s probably a good example of what happens when you treat your employees, in this case police officers, poorly.
  9. I spent an inordinate amount of time on stand-by during this incident. My men were ready to go, but due to logistics, we all sat around waiting to get the call. They trucked in food and drinks and we all hurried up and waited at various staging locations. For every hour we spent on line, we probably stood down two hours or more waiting to get launched. I don’t know the story behind the Chicago Police, but I know we sure had plenty of time sitting and lounging.
  10. I believe the official term is “Hurry up and wait”
  11. There were rolling orders, conflicting orders, to intervene only to protect life and not property. It was a total break down in Leadership.

    There are reports that the local business's had already been Looted and it was already day time and they were exhausted. Also that at least some were assigned to guard ex-Black Panther Bobby Rush's office. Also theres a possibility they just didn't give a damn, if you knew the area you'd know why there was little motivation to get hurt over property.

    From the pictures you can clearly see it was day time. https://www.chicagotribune.com/poli...0200611-je3afw3lxbhknicv37ijnncgkq-story.html I remember listening to the scanner that night when that shopping center was looted about 9PM and there were no cars available to send. I suspect these guys were on standby and were exhausted after being held over from afternoon shift.

    3 SGT's there??? I highly doubt this is what Lightfoot and Rush are screaming it is. A SGT's doesn't like risking their shot at L.T. let alone 3 of them. Right now Lightfoot is on her heels from that riot and the recorded message and she needs a scape goat so the Police get elected. She needs to change the talking points and fast. Her newly picked "Chief" is looking bad, and apparently is in hiding, so she is looking even worse.

    Lightfoot is also setting up a huge screw over for the new Police contract she has to get done. As well she is screaming for "Police Licensing" although nobody even knows what that means. She has a lot riding on finding a patsy for this mess the other night, the one where they totally screw up preparations for a riot.

    We'll find out later today what happened. I think I'm right tho. Rush despises the Police like no other being about the only surviving Black panther Leader. He Lied about being profiled during a traffic stop when his expensive car had plates that didn't register to it during a time of a huge rash of car jacks in the city. The 2nd district, where he was stopped, has been ground zero for car jacking crews for years now because of its location between Lake Shore Drive and the Expressway.

    They jack them up north and bring them down to 002 to put in empty lots before moving them on. I knew guys on the detail assigned to it. Anyway it ended up being a dispatchers mistake and Rush was let go. That particular year we had about 1,000 armed car jacks. I remember finding 6 in a lot one night, the armed crew of 4 just leaving right before we got there.

    They probably had a scanner.
  12. OK I got it. Apparently those officers were "ASSIGNED" to protect Rush's office that had already been broken into and are guilty of using his coffee machine and eating his popcorn. Maybe also laying down from sheer exhaustion, and possibly one or two from the districts coming in to use the john.

    But the PCAD shows it was a detail to protect Rush's, just like the 2 dozen squads assigned to protect the mayors home. Even if Looting was going on what were 8 to 12 guys going to do about it anyway when they weren't allowed to use force to stop it. And then Rush would have complained his office was abandoned by the cops, no doubt after his peoples then would have destroyed it, had the police gone after Nike shoe thieves.

    I doubt the papers will report it but they were "ordered" to stay there. Once again the Police get to be the pinata's in Chicago Politics. The newspapers are making people eat this up like its candy.
  13. Thanks for your perspective... Like I said, more to the story...
  14. Yeah the office had been burglarized earlier so they assigned an army to protect it.

    And the pop corn and coffee was paid for by the taxpayer, whom are probably pissed the cops ate and drank the popcorn and coffee they paid for. Rush, ex-terrorist, was handily out of town for the riot, he says for a family emergency.

    No word yet on the burglars who trashed the office, who got the staffer to call the district and get the detail assigned, or the Looters who tore up Rush's District while he was "out of town".

    There aren't that many congressional districts in Chicago and most of them only have small slices of the city. I cant ever remember one being burglarized and this one, this night, wasn't about to have any office people come and secure it themselves. or even show up, after all their congressional peoples might have torn them apart in their fancy Lexus and stole it. A congressman's office getting looted and unsecured would be a big deal. A lot bigger then the neighborhood food store or pharmacy getting looted.

    So they call 51'st str and have a platoon assigned, the watch commander ask's "how high you want me to jump"? He/She sends an army and since all the stores have been looted already the cops take a nap and become coffee thieves. I mean its not as if over 250 cops got hurt that weekend or anything.

    All is good, Rush is happy, then a taped phone call is leaked and his enemy Lightfoot is all of a sudden on her heels and needs some headlines so he calls her a week after, even tho he hates her guts, and cuts a deal while wearing his Kwanzaa necklace and she gets her headlines and an "in" to screw the cops and FOP on their contract. The Police get Oswald, "just a patsy". Rush say's it took a week until he was aware of the popcorn. Sure, I mean who checks the video of a burglary right away right? I take 3 weeks to check mine just because.

    Who knows what Rush got. Maybe nothing but payback but he has a long history of scams and taking money from corporations even tho his district is dirt poor. Except for the video being released on a Thurs. and not a Fri. this was a perfect Chicago scam. As it is even the fake nooz smell a rat.

  15. Need to save a copy of that PCAD, give to union to give to the press to cram up their ass sideways in a very public manner hopefully in press conference with cameras rolling...


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  16. Do nothing and do it well
  17. No appreciation for protecting his office during rioting/looting. Coffee and popcorn was more important. Cheap ass. What a jerk.
  18. Its not going to go that far. She only needed a day or two of headlines and there will probably be zero discipline and the newspapers will be told to forget the story. Thats why she said "theres no plans to fire the officers". The cops have only one voice and few know about it, https://secondcitycop.blogspot.com/ Mostly other cops and who cares what they say?

    They made the major mistake of releasing it on a Thurs., which is the Political equivalent of a felony. Always release on a Friday so the suckers can stew on it over the week end and the papers are to skinny for refuting. I guess the heat from that tape was just to much, they got sloppy.

    "The Popcorn Caper" will now become part of the Police Lore. Maybe even an exhibit in the Police Museum. Just listen to her righteous wrath, you'd think they burned down the city or something. https://abc7ny.com/chicago-police-video-sleeping-officers-bobby-rush/6243431/ Or totally FUBAR'ed the response. Or all THEIR kids are running around with new $250 Air Jordans.

    As if some cop is dumb enough to hide in the office of an ex-Black panther leader while rioters were in the shopping center. And without being told to stay there.

  19. She's talking about the Antifa police force.
  20. :rofl:
    That is awesome. I wish they would get away with it.

    BTW, on a serious note, a de-escalation strategy I'd like to see a city try is - don't go to the protest. What if the protesters went out on the street and the police just didn't show up at all and everybody completely ignored them? Would it still turn into a riot? If it did, would it at least be more clear who's fault the riot was?

    I guess that might set off the reaction of destroying things until somebody has to come and confront them, but it would be interesting to try.
  21. In russia, its sitting on your suitcases.
  22. You Can Get Much Further with a Kind Word and a Gun than with a Kind Word Alone
  23. ...and they used HIS microwave. The horror, the horror.... I hope he can overcome this egregious insult.
  24. Edited to remove ill considered comments............
  25. Well popcorn and coffee seems like it was earned that night. https://twitter.com/i/status/1266874203950780416

    I got surrounded by savages a few times. https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/loc...eets-of-chicago-as-protests-continue/2280772/

    And now this. https://secondcitycop.blogspot.com/
  26. So there are at least 8 Officers in a office? How big? Do all 8 need to be watching? I would guess 3 entrances? Likely 2 of which are close to each other?
    So two on “duty” watching doors. The reaction force can relax, take off body armor and use a proper bathroom break. Hydrate, get a nap. (I doubt they only did a 8 or 12 hr shift)
  27. During the 1992 LA riots, my squad and I had an all day detail to guard a vault and safety deposit boxes of a Bank of America in South Los Angeles. There was really no way to secure the bank so there we sat.... The bank staff were a bit more gracious and told us to help ourselves to coffee and snacks... and they didn’t even mind that we sat on their sofas in our soot covered uniforms....

    It was probably all fun and games until they ate the popcorn.
  28. Doesn't matter. They were assigned. Anything less then 8, and maybe 8, would have been attacked that night. There were multiple attacks on groups of 6 to 12 that night they'd throw out on a street corner or in front of a hotel/store. No doubt a few street guys trickled in to relax a bit, after all a staffer told them to make themselves at home.

    It was just a cheap shot 1 week in the making. A real cheap shot by the characters running the show trying to dump it all on the Police.

    Anyway 1/32 in the weekend shoot-a-rama. The cold must be affecting aim.