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DBD's Ghetto Spartan Training Log

  1. Saturday, 3/12/2011 (196.something)

    Jumprope, 2 feet x 100
    Jumprope, alternating, high knees x 100
    Mobility Drills

    CalJack's Barbell-Only Program Week 1, Day 1:
    Clean & Push Press: 65x5, 95x5, 105x5, 120x5
    Overhead Squat: 65x5, 70x5, 80x5, 90x5

    Full squat cleans with the C&PP and squat snatch to start the OHS. Felt good to do something.

    Jumprope Skills and Light Conditioning:
    2 feet x 50
    alternating, high knees x 50
    double unders: 19,21,10 = 50 without missing one. First time back and that's probably the best DUs I've done.
  2. Aww yeah! Glad to see you logging too DBrad.
  3. Thanks dude. I'm going to really try to work the three days into each week. We'll see. I didn't seem to have any lingering pain from previous injuries. Maybe I finally laid off long enough to get rid of all of it, LOL.
  4. Good stuff Brad!

    I suck at rope skills. :embarassed:
  5. Great job on the OHSs. I know it doesn't seem like much weight, but just doing a good OHS after time off is impressive. Good job with the squat snatches too.

    Got a good site for me to learn about mobility work?
  6. Mobility Work: I do some of the very basic stuff that Pavel shows in Super Joints, although I really don't think much of that book. No magic there at all. Many, many people seem to think that Magnificent Mobility is very good. Seems to be the most consistently recommended program.
  7. Thanks dude. All of it felt very good, although I know some of that is due to the light weights. I think my geometry is favorable for those types of movements.
  8. You must have some den cent flexibility too.
  9. Super Ghetto FTW!
  10. Tuesday, 3/15/2011 (195.5)

    Jumprope, 2 feet x 100 (no misses)
    Jumprope, alternating, high knees x 100 (no misses)

    CalJack's Barbell-Only Program Week 1, Day 2:
    Clean & Press: 95x5x5
    Overhead Squat: 80x5x5

    Jumprope Skills and Light Conditioning:
    2 feet x 75
    alternating, high knees x 70
    double unders: 25,23+2,21+4 = 75 (before the + = the ones without missing)

    Tried some crossing, but failed miserably. Did have one string of two crossed and two or three regulars. I will get that LOL. I'm on a mission now.
  11. CJ, this was the middle day, so the directive was to set the C&P at 60-65% of 1RM and move the weight as fast as possible. I figured a 150 1RM, so 95 lb was selected. I wouldn't say I could just throw the weight up. It moved quickly, but I'm not sure how quickly is correct. I'd appreciate it if you'd elaborate more on what these reps should look like.

    A quick impression. I know I'm outta shape, but my impression is that this is going to be a much more taxing program than I would've thought. The C&PP or C&P are both very tiring. I can see myself going to sets of three at some point. I was huffing and sweating like crazy even with the light weights I'm using.

    I guess I should've figured I'd be tired when doing a movement that requires two valsalvas for one rep!!
  12. That's what we call a clue. :supergrin:
  13. Brad,

    Read this. http://jva.ontariostrongman.ca/5X5.htm

    All I can say is move it as fast as possible giving 100 percent effort each rep. For speed day, only clean the first rep of each set.

    FWIW, I always found OHS tiring. But you are right, the oly lifts are taxing. And, the C&p is an oly lift.

    Hope I helped.
  14. Oh yeah, I think you will find that with practice, you'll move the weight faster. I think it is a skill that needs practice.
  15. CalJack's Barbell-Only Program Week 1, Day 3:

    Clean & Press: 105x3x5
    Overhead Squat: 90x3x5
  16. Good work Brad. Thanks for being my guinea pig.:cool:
  17. CalJack's Barbell-Only Program Week 2, Day 1, 194.4

    Left knee is a little stiff, so modified the program for today. Hoping to let it rest and then get back on track.

    1 Hang PC + 5 presses: worked up to 125
    RDL: 125x2x8
  18. I need to get back into doing RDLs as religiously as I used to. They really seem to help more than anything else I do for pulling assistance.
  19. I need to do more of them also. I honestly haven't done that many over the years and they're obviously a great exercise.

    Back in the old days, I did a lot of RDL-like exercises, but I would stand on a block and take the weight all the way down to the top of my foot. I think those helped my squat and DL quite a bit. I undoubtedly rounded out somewhat, but never had any problem. I was 21 then, though. I'd probably have disc material squirt out my back and knock out a ceiling tile now. LOL.
  20. You guys are making me miss Romanians and SLDL!

    I too did Romanians off a 3" block. I always wanted to hit 405 on a Romanian, but fell short.

    I actually like SLDL better, as it can be easy to cheat on Romanians and bend your knees more then the weights get heavy.

    SLDL off a block is too much for me though. Gotta round my back too much to touch the floor with the plates.
  21. Quickly worked my way into a setback only four workouts into the program. My knee was stiff and now the issue has localized into some pain, probably flare up of patellar tendonitis, so I'm out of the cleans and OHS for a while. I stupidly added jumprope with the squat cleans and OHS. I should know better than that, so I feel very stupid. I was watching for pain, but didn't have any. Then it stiffened up later.

    Son's back in the hospital also--5th time in 7 months--and I'm flat out exhausted from the fighting over the last week or so. We maintained boundaries and consequences to the point that he declared war on us again and it was a few days of constant harassment and almost literal sleepless nights until we were able to get him into the hospital. The last night, I really thought he might attack us, so I was watching him pretty closely. Really don't feel like doing anything, so I'm going to take at least a few days off.

    I'll check back in a few days. I might design a knee friendly workout of some sort and try to make some progress that way.
  22. Wow thats a tough situation Brad.

    Wish we could help you in some way.

    Vent on us if needed.:supergrin:
  23. That situation sounds impossible, man. Hopefully you can catch up on some rest?
    What do you have in mind for a knee friendly program?
  24. Knee friendly? Not sure. At this point, I'm so busy, I could just take a little more time off and get back to work. All those cleans and OHS are pretty rough, but maybe I just started too heavy even at those weights. Still thinking.

    Boy's still in the hospital. This time, the MD ordered injection instead of the pills. He'll be at steady-state Friday and we can pick him up Saturday. He picked a slightly different med to put shots at four weeks apart instead of two which was the usual way. The result is predictable. We'll probably have peace for 3-4 weeks, then refusal to take meds, then deterioration for 2-4 weeks, then back in the hospital. As bad as that sounds, I think he shouldn't be too bad off for perhaps 5-6 weeks, which is a drastic improvement.

    The boy is very pitiful. He's scared about the meds and very, very miserable and bored there. He's also having more frightening side effects, but they have drugs to counteract those. Bottom line is that hideously bad behavior has side effects too, like death.

    The take-home lesson is the same as always: There's always a bigger stick. He overcame the previous med by first refusing to take it. Then we put him in the hospital where they try to make him take it, but he hides it and gives them a hard time. It's like he thinks he can resist hard enough and his authorities will give up. That's not how it works. Now the MDs are frustrated with noncompliance that they skipped over the two week injection of meds that are weaker and straight to the four week ones. The noose just gets tighter. It's best to stop struggling while it's not too tight. Unfortunately, that lesson probably won't sink in. If he doesn't absorb this lesson at 14, it will be much more painfully imposed on him when he's an adult.

    Our pastor refers to this as planting hedges of thorns around the wayward child until there's nowhere to look but up. That's a lot less painful now than later.
  25. Ghetto Spartan Program Round 2

    After a long hiatus, I'm back. I hope you are all doing well and I apologize for going astray.

    Phase 1 is to simply gain some conditioning. Current plan is to do NG & FTC ICT workouts 3-4x per week as schedule allows. Will revisit goals at some point down the line.

    8/7/2011: 10,13,17 of pushups, situps, squats, four rounds. Couldn't finish (LOL!) due to abdominal spasms. 7:40. Made it into the third round and only got 6 reps of situps. I'm in hideously bad shape.

    8/9/2011: repeat of 8/7. Finished this time. 9:06

    8/12/2011: 50 burpees 6:01

    8/15/2011: Three rounds of 30 sec. of burpees, mtn climbers, jumping jacks, pushups, squats, rest. Completed. Bodyweight = 188.

    8/18/2011: Max rounds in 10 min. of 10 chinnies, 10 squats, 10 pushups, 10 burpees. Completed four rounds.
  26. Wow its great to see you back Brad!:wavey:

    Looks like you're doing some neat stuff there. Keep it up!
  27. Welmoe to the forum! Glad to have you here. Please post often we née an infusion of new blood
  28. LOL.

    First I need introductions. Are you that infamous one they call Fruit Loop?

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  29. 8/19/2011

    Planned on a triple tabata squat with 3 min. rest in between. Made it one tabata and then started adductor spasms and had to abort. I'll come back and pick that up soon.

  30. One tabata squat is enough Brad. I bet you'll be sore. Good job.

    Fruit Loop
  31. Hey brad,

    Could you do front squats?
  32. Depends on which MD I believe. Right now, my inclination is to believe that I could probably get away with those because the weight wouldn't be that heavy. I think I could also get away with your barbell only program for the same reason.

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  33. 8/21/11

    30,40,50 pushups, situps, squats @ 1/3 scaling (so 10,13,17)


    Did this workout on 8/9. 90 sec. +/- improvement this time. Will go to 50% scaling next time. Love those initial quick improvements.
  34. Good work Brad
  35. 8/23/11

    Tabata Squat 8x12

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  36. 8/25/2011

    50 burpees: 4:50

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  37. That seems really good Brad.
  38. It's a step along the road. A couple of years ago, I was at 8:00 for 100. It'll be good to progress to there.

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  39. 8/26/2011

    BS 135x3x5
    Press 115x3x5
    Pullups BWx2x5
    Decline situps 3x10

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  40. Oops, posted in wrong log, sorry.
  41. 8/28/2011

    DL 135x3x5
    BP 135x3x5
    Row 95x3x5
    Hanging Leg Raise (HLR) 3x6

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  42. :banana:
  43. 8/30/2011

    BS 140x3x5
    Press 95x3x5
    Chinups 5,5,3
    Decline Situps Level 2: 10,10,10

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  44. 9/3/2011

    DL 140x3x5
    Rows 100x3x10
    BP 140x3x5
    HLR 7,7,7

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  45. 9/4/2011

    BS 145x3x5
    Press 100x3x5
    Chinups 5,5,5
    Decline Situps L3: 10,10,5

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  46. 9/9/2011

    DL 145x3x5
    Row 105x3x10
    HLR 8,8,7
    BP 145x3x5

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  47. 9/10/11

    Shifting to Tu, Th, Sat schedule

    BS 155x3x5
    BP 150x3x5
    Chinups 197x3x5
    Decline Situps L3: 10,10,10

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  48. Reflections on the last month:

    Mainly, this is a feeling out process to see what I think I can do time-wise and health-wise. Schedule is still very difficult and my left knee and neck are iffy.

    Bodyweight conditioning seemed like a decent place to start, but I could feel that my left knee and perhaps left shoulder were suffering from being overloaded. It's tough to come up with those workouts without using a lot of the same exercises over and over again with high reps. Decided to switch to a barbell training program. If I find myself limited on exercises, BB training offers a lot larger variety of directions to try.

    Noticed lots of extra tingling along my left hand after doing the workouts with squats and presses. It'd go from barely noticeable to very noticeable. Today, I dropped presses and there's no increase in numbness compared to the last few days. Seems to indicate that presses are a problem. Squat load is small so far, so no way to know if it's a problem. Dropped presses for more BP for the short term during this linear progression though light weights.


    Continue this course for another month or two, and evaluate the situation again. I think I'm heading toward doing something minimal to keep up basic posterior chain strength, and focusing on the BP. Perhaps the curl also.

    Perhaps I will find that I can do 250 for 3x5 on BS and DL on an alternating schedule perpetually and delay losing strength and flexibility. I really believe in the BS as knee prehab and non-maximal DL as back prehab, so I'm hoping to keep those.

    I do not have any experience focusing on BP without overhead work to balance out my internal and external rotators, so I'll have to do some research. I do not know if BP + chinups + pullups + rows is a good combination. If any of you guys have suggestions for approaching this problem, I'd appreciate sharing.

    Thanks for reading.
  49. I have read quite often that you should do the same amount of rowing volume as bench volume (if not even more) to avoid imbalances.
  50. I think you can bp without ohp without issues provided you row and do rotator cuff work. I have been thinking about doing this too.