David and his lute

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    David was sitting 'neath the shade of the great pyramid strumming his lute. (I know it wouln't have been a lute, but I can't pronounce what he was playing) strummmm strummmm strummmm strummmm strummmm.

    Ahab come upon him out of the desert sands, and said, "Ho, David, what you doin?"

    David says, "stumming my lute---strummmm strummmm strummmm" Ahab says that wasn't gonna work, and David asked why not. Ahab said that in a couple of thousand years them archeologists was gonna be puttin them geranium diodes in the earth, and it's gonna go tough on us. "Why's that?" asked David. "Well, by then you gonna have them Les Fords, and Elvis, and Chet Atkins, and they's gonna be goin all up and down the fret board, strummmm stremmmm strammmm, ting.

    David said, " them cats gonna be searching for it, and I flat got it." strummmm strummmm strummmm