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Darwin, where are you?

  1. I'm hanging out at a restaurant/bar with a friend, munching on some chips and salsa... happen to have my pager on (I had one of those feelings). *beep boop* Rescue alarm 9-3, motor vehicle collision, dobbin road and McGall road. PD is on scene."

    Me: Dude! Dobbin's right there. Where's McGall?

    Him: Right here!

    Literally, ten seconds later we're on scene. My friend's like "you got it?" and I was like "I got it", jump out, I.D. myself to the officer, and go to work. See a pair of legs sticking out from an overturned SUV on its roof...

    "Sir! Could you please get out from under the vehicle! Sir! Yes, I know you want your water... but the car isn't stable! You need to get out now!"

    He comes out cussing, and his equally drunk friend is like "Dude! He's trying to save your life! Thanks man!" and shakes my hand.I just shake his hand (and my head) and go through the usual... seatbelts, LOC, etc. I tell the cop he can downgrade the medic to cold, and send the wagon back to quarters, but the engine officer decides to continue in. I shake my head, give my report to the medic when she jumps out, and take off. Thirty seconds later they're in service on a refusal. Bunch of drunk morons... seriously. I had my idiot moment of the day when I crawled into the car to shut it off... but it was either me or the guy, and I figured I knew what I was doing; when he went into the vehicle he was shaking it around. Gave the keys to the cop... lord knows the idiot would have tried to drive it off.

    All this, and last night we had a 45 minute extrication. Guy has a coughing fit and passes out (he usually passes out when he has those fits, according to him). Off the highway, two hundred feet down a hill, into a stream/ditch. No seatbelt, legs pinned. Had to cut the doors and roof off, and use a Stokes Basket to get him up to the highway for a medivac. How about this: DON'T DRIVE. That's like giving someone with chronic incurable narcolepsy a drivers license. *sigh*. some civilians...
  2. Darwinism = job security!
  3. My other favorite:

    Motorcycles = organ donors.
  4. One of my personal favorites:

    Stupid People = Job Security!!