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DannyR's birthday

  1. OK, I'm lame, I let my buddy's birthday go by without catching it. I am ashamed. Well Danny, better late than never, I hope you had a Happy Birthday and trust me, it won't go by again without me saying so ON THE RIGHT DAY!!! I hope it was good and that today is better!

    Happy Birthday Buddy! ;x
  2. Happy Birthday Coach!! Were late and it's Fireglocks fault, oldtimers disease we think!;a
  3. Hey; "Happy Birthday" old guy(ooops I mean coach). Hope you had a great one and many more great ones to come.

    Shame, Shame, Shame on Jerry for forgeting. I guess when you get that old and blood has to travel Sooooooo far to get to his head you tend to have more senior moments than usual.
  4. Wow we discussed your B'day before, I 'm so sorry coach HAPPY B'DAY OLD MAN;x
  5. Thanks guys! Everybody forgot except my wife, mother, aunt, sister-in-law and James Young. I'm over the hill, out of sight and out of mind.;g
  6. Danny you're just right for us! :)

    Like fine wine, you get sharper and more refined with every year! And we sure appreciate that in our Coach!

    I hope you had a Great Birthday Weekend!

  8. Happy Birthday Coach! Hope you had a good one.
  9. Danny...Happy Belated birthday...may you experience many more and may they bring smiles and satisfaction as you look back upon them.;f
  10. Happy belated birthday coach...Hope you had a good one.
    OLD Fireglock seems to have a case of C.R.S.Oh well we
    love him anyway.See you all in Statesville.;a +;c =;g

    P.S. This ones on me.;c ;c ;c
  11. Hope you had a good time Danny, From Glockmom, Daniel, Aaron and myself "HB" and see you in Statesville :);c ;c
  12. Happy Birthday! See you at Statesville.
  13. Happy Belated Birthday Danny
    Don't know what we would do without you

    Hope you had a great day!!

  14. Hope you had a great birthday!!!
  15. Happy Belated Birthday;x ;x ;x
  16. Darn it! I can't believe this went by without me knowing about it.

    Happy Belated Birthday Danny!! You are a dear friend and the best Coach on the planet. ;f ;y ;x ;p
  17. Hey Danny!

    50 lashes with a wet noodle on his shiny bald head to Fireglock for letting your special day get by without telling us! Hope it was a great one Danny and many more!

    Dan & Nan in NC
  18. Dear Coach
    I hope you had a GREAT DAY on your birthday and have many more to come!
    Looking forward to seeing you soon in Statesville!!
  19. Thanks for all the good wishes. It was a quite Birthday--lunch with my wife, and then on to the theater for two performances. The pit orchestra celebrated it on Sunday. I'm vacationing at home this week doing some painting and yard work. I still don't feel as old as I am.;)
  20. Happy Birthday Danny. I had some aiming fluid in your honor in the French Quarter last weekend. You should see the results at your next match.

    Regards, Mike F.
  21. Mike, I appreciate all the help I can get.;g
  22. Glad you had a good one, Danny, and many more. Twiddling my thumbs till Statesville.....
  23. Happy Belated Birthday Danny!!! Just got back from being out of town and saw that I missed it. Now that I know it was the 13th, I won't let Fireglock forget. Had a few in your honor. ;x ;x ;x
  24. Danny
    Happy Birthday. There will be many more.
  25. Happy Belated B'day, Danny. Glad you had a good day! We'll have to toast to many more (b'day's that is...) See ya in Statesville!

  26. :) Happy B'day Danny....Gees it seems as though you just had one, have fun
  27. Thanks, Glockshot. Seems like they are arriving a month apart now instead of a year apart. Guess you pick up speed as you start downhill.