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Un ****ing believable:

Across the country, dangerous child molesters, rapists, and other sex offenders are being released from jail, because authorities want to keep jail/prison populations low.

The well-being of dangerous criminals is being given precedence over the safety of innocent law-abiding citizens.

In Michigan, a federal court has ORDERED Michigan police and law enforcement to stop registering sex offenders. The federal court has also ORDERED police and LE to stop arresting sex offenders for violating the terms of their parole until the "COVID crisis" is over.

Oakland, California authorities have also stopped registering sex offenders until the "COVID crisis" is over.

It's disgusting the the politicians, courts, and other authorities care more about preventing rapists and child molesters from getting COVID, than they care about protecting innocent women and children.

"And in Michigan, a federal court has introduced temporary changes to the state's sex offender registration legislation as a result of the coronavirus onslaught. According to local news reports, this means that "law enforcement must immediately stop enforcing registration, verification, school zone violations, and fee violations in relation to Michigan's sex offender registry law until the coronavirus has ended." The order will reportedly remain until the pandemic is considered "over" – therein, the state of emergency has been lifted or when the Court determines that the temporary halt need no longer apply."

Orange County, CA released 7 "high risk" sex offenders. Reportedly, 6 of those 7 are now back in jail for violating their parole conditions.

Alameda County CA released a rapist:

Illinois has released at least 146 sex offenders so far, in addition to 64 convicted murderers. Illinois has released nearly 4,000 prisoners so far:

And a sex offender is set to be released in Wausau Wisconsin on May 19:

These are just a few examples.

Why do our rulers care more about sex offenders than the safety of innocent children?????
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