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Last year I bought a Pyramid trigger from the Glockstore. Having tried and liked it in my Glock 34 I bought another one for my Glock 19. Definitely an improvement over the stock Glock trigger. I shoot the 34 a fair amount in competition and at the range. But not a lot.

Anyway I was at a training class a few months ago doing a typical draw/shoot/re-holster string. As I holstered the 34 it discharged, barely missing my foot--but I could sure feel the trail of flame through my jeans! The instructor found a piece of the trigger on the ground next to my foot--the safety release that lets the trigger advance. The tiny Allen screw had worked its way almost all the way out, letting that piece fall out--but not before it snagged on my holster, causing an AD.

I told the Glockstore about this, telling them this looks like a defect that could be cured by a putting a touch of Locktite Blue on the thread during manufacture; I sent along pictures showing the problem. I was hoping for a replacement trigger or at least an apology and certainly concern that they'd look into the problem. It was just out of warranty, so basically piss off. They sent my old trigger back (with a new Allen screw) and charged me for the postage.

Not to be deterred (or being stupidly stubborn, your call) I put the second Pyramid trigger in the 34 and ordered a stock Glock trigger from Brownell's ($15) for the 19. I took the second Pyramid from the 19 and put it in the 34. After a few months of shooting I was cleaning it today and now knew to keep an eye on the trigger. Sure enough the second Pyramid trigger had the same problem--the Allen screw was about 3/4 of the way out. This time I cleaned it with solvent, touched a bit of Loctite Blue to the threads, and seated it firmly. I'll continue to take my chances but will keep a careful eye on this.

If you have a Pyramid trigger, be forewarned. If not, buy a Vogel trigger. They're about the same price and apparently don't have dangerous defects.
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