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Dancing With The Stars

  1. Never watched it and don't plan to start. Sounds dangerous.
  2. Christie is a freak of nature. Amazing what good genes, exercise and weight watching plus plastic surgery can do.

    christie b.jpg
  3. Christie Brinkley is my age which means we don't heal up as fast as we used to no matter how pretty we are.
  4. I miss the days when nothing ever hurt or got injured. Try to be pretty physical but just don't have time to train or work on flexibility. Dancing is supposed to be fun, not injurious or painful. I don't watch much TV anyway. Hope Christy heals well.
  5. Yeah but this was a funny commercial.

  6. Billy Joel was a lucky dude for a while with his "Uptown Girl"
  7. Yeah, Joel treated her very badly, she was smart to dump his punk azz!
  8. Nobody’s talking about hittin’ it yet?
  9. She looks clutzy dancing.
  10. Billy Joel would kick your ass.....
  11. Sounds like a setup to boost her daughter’s “career.”

  12. Yup...that's why I dumped her...it was soooooo embarrassing at the dances at the VFW on Saturday nights.
  13. Well I watched my first DWTS when Jerry Rice decided to participate. I don't watch the show very often but once in awhile. I watch first and foremost for the hot women, especially the pro-dancers. If I was young again with a hot woman we would for sure learn the Tango. We would be like Arnold and Jamie in the movie "True Lies" and yes I would have that rose in my mouth. The Tango is the most sexual and sensual dance that there is. image.jpeg

    image.jpeg image.jpeg




  14. Oh, yeah...she's 65 and smokes a lot of women half her age. She is just gorgeous!
  15. Agreed. A D-Bag of of the highest order. Pretty much treated everyone like dog meat that helped him get to the top of the music business.
  16. DWTS is my wife’s favorite show, so I started watching, too.
    Like the previous poster wrote, the pro women dancers are incredibly skilled, and HOT, and dressed in pretty outfits, so what’s not to like?
    I also enjoy the Tango...it’s the dance of dances.
    As for last nights show, it seemed like Ray Lewis was robbed. Lamar Odom, not looking too good, bro.
    Young miss Brinkley did great.
  17. [​IMG]

    This gif is pretty hilarious when you have "Get low" with Lil Jon playing in the background.
  18. Christy Brinkley is my age (or vice versa).

    In her youth, she was absolutely stunning.

    I'm the kind of guy that doesn't like plastic surgery on someone that is not disfigured (for whatever reason).

    As for DWTS, my wife watches it, so, by default I watch it.
    This season, I have ZERO desire to be subjected to it, especially that girl from the Bachelorette or whatever the show was.
    Cannot tolerate her whiny, nasal voice.

    Bedtime is going to be early, on the nights the show is on. :)
  19. Friend Bonnie would come over and we'd watch DWTS and some of the Bachelor shows. We liked to poke fun at the Knot Heads on the shows...….snicker. Jake the Wonder Dog and I seldom see Bonnie any more, so we watch other shows.