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Dan Brown - forget The DaVinci Code

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Dan Brown is probably best known for writing the DaVinci Code, but his other books are much better in my opinion.

Digital Fortress - The NSA comes across an "unbreakable" code that could cripple US intelligence.

Angels & Demons - A "prequel" to The DaVinci Code has the Robert Langdon character attempting to save the Vatican from being vaporized.

Deception Point (my favorite) - NASA discovers a meteorite in the Arctic which contains proof of life elsewhere in the universe (or does it?)

He's a great author. My only regret is that I've read all his books. I'm anxiously awaiting his next.
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Just finished reading Angels & Demons. I liked it a lot better than Da Vinci Code. Frankly, Da Vinci Code is quite forgettable for me. I've read it a month ago and I barely remembered what it's about.

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Angels & Demons annoyed me in a big way. I'd read 100+ pages per night, and then couldn't concentrate on work the next day. I was always looking for a 10-15 minute break where I could sneak in a couple more chapters. I've also read that the details of the vatican and the conclave were very accurate, which was pretty interesting. The whole deal about the vatican library may have been embellished a little though.

Da Vinci was also good, but it followed the exact same script as Angels & Demons. Digital Fortress is next on my list.
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