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Daewoo DR-200 (WA)

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Excellent Condition. Round Count at 300. Comes with installed: StormWerks Optics Rail, ACE Receiver Block w/ Sling attachment, Ace pistol Grip. Original Manual, Original stock, Aimpoint Laser, Remote Laser Pressure Pad, Okay Industries 30 round mag, US made Lower parts Kit.
Works 100%, slap a $65 Ace skeleton stock on it or put the old thumbhole on and start shooting.

Little background, uses AR15 magazines, AR15 firing controls, AK style piston system, this platform has seen ~30 years of service and testing with the Korean military, google Daewoo K2 rifle (Select Fire version)

Price: $750. First one with cash in hand gets everything.

Trade Interests:
BCM Lightweight Pencil Barreled AR15
Semi Auto in 308
DA/SA Semi-auto pistols
Snub Nose revolver
Open to offers

Seattle FTF

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