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Dad's giving me a motorcycle

Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by freakshow10mm, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. freakshow10mm

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    Oct 9, 2003
    Michigan's Upper Peninsula
    Had our baby shower down in Green Bay this past weekend. My dad was there and talked to him for a while. We talked motorcycles. He said he over-bought and is selling most of his motorcycles. He has two Virago 1100 Midnight's, one with a sidecar, a Honda Ascot 500, a Honda Helix scooter, a Honda Elite 80 scooter, a late 70's MG bagger, his '95 Sporty 1200, and a '86 Honda Sabre V45. He said he is getting rid of everything (via eBay) except the Honda Elite 80 scooter and the '86 Sabre. He absolutely loves his Sabre. Bought it brand new and he rides that more than anything.

    So I was telling him I was window shopping for my first real bike and told him of the models I was looking at. He said stuff about how I shouldn't worry about buying anything because I am in school, etc. He said he doesn't ride his Sporty much any more and said I could have it.

    Free motorcycle!!:banana: :banana:

    I said Cool. Totally lost my opportunity to ask a timeframe or anything. :argh: It could be this fall, this spring, maybe as a graduation from college present in the spring, my B-day in May, maybe in a year or so, who know's? I'll have to send him an email and see what he says. There is maybe a month or so left of season up here. But I was thinking if he is giving me it this fall or in the spring I could sell my bike and sock the money away in savings and stuff.

    Not really a HD fan. Don't offer anything I want for the price I can afford. But hey, I'm a sucker for a free motorcycle I don't care what name is on the tank.
  2. fnfalman

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    Oct 23, 2000
    Tejas, US
    Hey, free is free. Ask him if he would have too much of a heartburn if you were to trade it in for something more to your liking.