Dachshund Foot Problems

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    We have two dachshund's (one 5 yrs old/one 1 year old).
    The oldest has had foot problems almost all his life. It starts with the area between the toes where the skin splits open and gets infected. We have taken him to several vets and they have run all kinds of tests. All they do is shove antibiotics into him. We have tried Benadryl and it seems to do better than the antibiotics.
    We are wondering if any other dachshund owners have had similar problems and, if so, what they have done to cure or at least manage the problem.
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    Oct 24, 2002
    If the Benadryl seems to fix it, might have your vet run an allergy test on him. My oldest Dachshund has some really bad allergies. He will chew himself raw (which then gets infected)because of the itching. I give him weekly allergy shots, use a special shampoo, and give him children's Benadryl when he gets a really bad case.

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    I'm glad I saw this.

    My parent's (very) elderly dachshund gets this as well. Always on her feet, always between the toes. They've been using Neosporin on them and they do go away. To my knowledge, they've never discovered the cause, but I'll check when I see them tonight.
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    Thanks to all that have replied.
    We have been giving him the neosporin treatment and it seems to help.
    Wife has been giving him the adult Benadryl but might switch it to the childrens dose. Don't want to overmedicate him.
    Again, thanks for the info and hope to hear from you (Southerngal) if you find out anything from your parents.