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  1. Man Arrested After Driving Away In Ambulance
    Man arrested after driving away in a Fitchrona EMS Ambulance.

    Posted Tuesday, February 9, 2010 --- 9:20 a.m.

    Press Release from the Dane County Sheriff's Department:

    Madison, WI. February 9, 2010 – At approximately 5:20 pm on Monday, February 8th, Dane County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the Tyrol Basin ski area, located at 3487 Bohn Road in the town of Vermont.

    The initial report was of an intoxicated man attempting to steal a Fitchrona EMS ambulance. When deputies arrived, Police Officers from Mt. Horeb had made contact with the subject, Nicholas A. Pontillo, age 24 of Lake Villa, IL.

    Fitchrona EMS had responded to Tyrol Basin, and was in the process of treating a patient in the back of the ambulance, when Pontillo got into the vehicle and drove around the parking lot.

    Pontillo was subsequently arrested for Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Owners Consent, Disorderly Conduct, and Operating While Intoxicated. Pontillo also had two outstanding warrants from Kenosha County for Operating After Suspension and Failure to Notify Police of an Accident. He is currently being held in the Dane County Jail.

    Ironically enough Tyrol Basin is where I blew out my knee and subsequently the reason why I can sit on my bum at a desk right now and post on GT :wavey:
  2. I'm sure he was just trying to help.
  3. LOL that would be a good defense in court!
  4. He's a FISH
  5. He meant well.
  6. Last winter one of our town marshals the next town over got in a vehicle pursuit of two car jacking suspects. He chased them from the local watering hole and into the town cemetary. It was just beginning to spring thaw, and perps got stuck and bailed on foot. Responding units crowded into the cemetary (including my boss) and subsequently there were several stuck crown vics amongst the headstones. The town drunk/cemetary caretaker jumps into our car (which has a freshly captured car-jacker in the backseat) and starts rocking the car back and forth trying to "get it off the grass."

    ISP showed up, removed him from our police car (hands full with other resisting perp) and took him to jail for OWI, unlawful control, disorderly conduct, interferring with LE.