Czech Professor: President Howard Taft is Reincarnation of The Buddha

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    The Prague Post
    January 6, 2010

    Prague (Reuters). Move over Vaclav Havel. There is another world leader joining the ranks of the reincarnated. Deceased American President William Howard Taft claimed later in life to be a reincarnation of The Buddha. This is the preliminary finding of Sarka Sablikova, Professor of World Religions at Charles University in Prague.

    “President Taft was a Unitarian,” says Sablikova. “That’s a spiritual pursuit that draws from many religions.” Professor Sablikova’s studies show that a person and their reincarnation often match physically in one or more characteristics. “Many taller Czechs believe themselves to be rebirths of great Russian czars, also a tall ethnic group,” says Ms. Sablikova. “The robust peak of 332 pounds for Mr. Taft blends perfectly with the portly stature of The Buddha.”

    U.S. presidential historian Michael Beschloss is skeptical of Sablikova’s research. “There is no scientific or historical basis for such a claim,” said Beschloss. “A guy who ate a lot of steaks is not going to pass muster for one of the world’s great religious leaders.” Professor Sablikova is not distracted by her critics. “Religion is all about faith, and just can’t be proven scientifically,” she says.

    Sablikova was once asked if she has been reincarnated. She chuckles, “Well, I’d like to think of myself as the rebirth of Marlene Dietrich.”

    Portions of Professor Sablikova’s research will appear later this spring at the Charles University web site
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    I guess that based on similar physical attributes you can claim that you were the reincarnation of a historic figure. Who from GT is going to claim they were the reincarnation of John Holmes then? :whistling: