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CZ fans, 1st 75b> Std. polycoat, SP-01, or Matte Stainless?

  1. Just wondering what the CZexperienced would recommend and why. I know the Shadow 2 is all the rage, and maybe I'll jump on board that wagon. But it would be a stretch, since I intend to get a Kadet too if I do this. The Std. polycoat has all the gun I need ... not real concerned about a rail. But it ain't got that purty new beavertail. The SP-01 has the rail and that means a heavier dustcover which is good, but it also complicates using a Kadet because the Kadet has inserts that have to be fitted into the rails and on an SP-01 those inserts would have to run through a lot of rail to get to their fixed position, which could cause wear on the frame rails over time (just theorizing here). The Stainless is beautiful, afaik has the new beavertail, but there's a $$ premium for what is basically the same gun.

    Whatcha think?

    FWIW probably not interested in decocker models, but I'll read all comments.
  2. As someone who owns / has owned at least 13 CZs, I would recommend one with an upswept beaver tail:
    Newer Stainless 75B
    Now discontinued 75B SA
  3. Stainless 75B.
  4. Sexy!

  5. I can relate that the difference in beavertail is visually noticeable between my CZ 75 BD Police and it's sibling, a polished stainless CZ 75 B, but I haven't noticed much of any real difference between the two under use...but we're all different, so...
  6. Sexy and pimpy.

  7. The problem with CZ is that it doesn't matter which one you buy. You will want another.
    The 75B is a great place to start. Here is some pics just to help you out.
    75b3.jpg 75b2.jpg 75b.jpg
  8. Wanting more is an absolute guarantee. CZ s are all that I want now.

  9. I thought the matte was a no-brainer if going w/ stainless but that actually isn't as outlandish as I imagined. Looks great.
  10. 9EDC3B80-60AA-49A6-9A0E-4E6EEA0C46F0.jpeg

    CZ75B fans, riddle this one out if you can.

    This one was my first 75B. It was bought around maybe 2003-2004 new in box. The markings suggested that it was part of the Turkish Military overrun. However that two tones look really threw me off. This is not the Tactical model that came with a similar two tones look and a crappy knife. The Tactical had green frame and black slide.

    I’ve never heard of a duo tones model like mine. Or even seen it in photos or advertisements.
  11. Now discontinued 75B SA!
  12. @fnfalman, looks to me that the manufacture year is 1996 (on the oval stamp just to the back of the ejection port). Must be a New Old Stock (if you bought it in 2003-2004).
  13. I've long been a fan of the matte stainless 75b.
  14. do look at the omega convertible decocker/safety model. I find the hammer doesn't cam back just before firing as it does on the standard model. just buy what strikes your fancy dictates as someone already said you'll end up with more of them.
  15. I know. The 96 marking and the funky grip panels with the thumb rests indicated Turkish Military overrun. It’s just that I never saw another with the same paint job, nor seen any advertising on a two tones like mine.
  16. There is also the limited edition brush SS with CZ Custom wooden grips. I wanted one but they were all sold out.
  17. F117D55C-A425-44EA-AC63-A54A397A7677.jpeg I love my Cajunized 75 SA!
  18. A year or so ago I picked up a CZ75 SP01 with urban grey polycoat finish. While I'd have preferred stainless, I'm surprised how much I like the polycoat. Seems sort of like teflon, with powder and debris wiping off with just a little Ballistol.

    I only have about 1,500 rounds through the gun. It's held up fine thus far, but I can't really speak as to the long term durability of the finish.
  19. I went back and forth about 50 times. They are both beautiful. I would love to add the other to my collection someday.
  20. There was a limited edition that was a combination of matte and mirror stainless.

    Then there was another limited edition that was brushed SS with rosewood CZ Custom grips. I looked at the brushed finish and was not impressed. Should have bought the damn pistol anyway. Later on when I changed my mind, the edition was all sold out.
  21. Tough call, since there is a black poly 75B and a brushed stainless 75B in my safe. The beavertail makes no functional difference.
  22. SP-01. I have little use for "pretty" guns, I'm always afraid I'm going to ding them. I'd rather buy a gun that's fun to shoot that I don't have to worry about.
  23. Then go with the basic model and save a few bucks.
  24. There are rumblings in the CZ community about the stainless being discontinued again. I had a matte stainless and traded it for a polished stainless 75B. I wish that I had kept the matte now, as I had done a brushed finish on it and like that look better.

    Rest assured though, this will just be your first CZ. You will be surprised at how quickly they accumulate.[​IMG]

  25. Very nice! I wish they made one in a 10mm... Oh well!