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CZ 75D Compact PCR

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I came home this weekend with a CZ 75D PCR, the compact in 9mm with an alloy frame and no rail. I was able to put a few boxes of ammo through it and found it to be very accurate and quite easy to with follow up shots. My normal carry is a Beretta M9A1. With it's lighter, more compact size, and similar feel, I am thinking the PCR might be a good substitute for the Beretta when something a little smaller is called for.

I need to put quite a bit more ammo through it to build my own confidence in its reliability, but I wanted to ask if you have handled it or seen some in classes enough to have an opinion on this pistol or, if not this particular model, at least the CZ 75 line in general. Thanks.
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In our classes, when CZ75 pistols show up, they're usually full size. Those run great. You might try posting your question in the General Firearms or Carry Issues sections here at GT.

Sorry I couldn't be more help,
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