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Cylinder locking up on Uberti

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A few weeks ago, I posted on here about loose screws on my Uberti and a problem with the cylinder locking up. Everybody was so interested in the loose screw issue (since resolved) that the cylinder issue got lost in the shuffle so I'd like to try again. I got a Uberti Cattleman II last year and have now put maybe a hundred to a hundred and fifty rounds through it. If I recall, the first range trip or two was fine but since then the cylinder wants to bind up on me. The hammer becomes difficult to cock and, when going to half-cock and emptying spent cases, the cylinder becomes very difficult to turn. Within a single range trip it seems to get worse the more it is shot so that there is some resistance in cocking with the first cylinder and it is moderately binding when emptying cases but it gets worse (both cocking and ejecting empties) with each new cylinder. By the third or forth cylinder, it's essentially unusable. Once the empties are out of the cylinder, however, it rotates smoothly. I am using factory loads and the gun has never had enough rounds through it to get really dirty although I did remove the cylinder and clean it once after only about fifty rounds. I'm ready to send it back to Uberti but I wanted to see if I was missing anything. This is my first single-action revolver so I am not real experienced with them.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
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I got nothing to add about what's wrong, but last year I bought a new Uberti 22. Beautiful gun. About the only new gun I've bought in a while. It did the same thing, except I never fired a shot from it. A trip to the mothership didn't help a bit. Store gave me a store credit on something else.
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