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Custom & production knives / Tactical & hunters

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Howling Moose, Mar 1, 2003.

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    May 23, 2001
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    HELP! I need the loot for the two teens still home & those dreaded taxes

    - MAD DOG "Wild Thing" -
    Blade length: 6" - OAL: 10.5" - Wt: 11 oz. - Blade is made of Starrett 496-O1 high carbon tool steel. Full flat grinds from 1/4" stock. Hidden full tang. Selectively tempered. 62-63 HRC at edge, 50-54 HRC through tang and spine. Hard chromed. Grip: Black glass/epoxy composite. Strength of 79,000 psi. 1000 volts per mil (.001") dielectric strength. Nonabsorbent and impervious to virtually all chemicals and solvents. _High ride sheath: 3.5 oz , made entirely out of rivetted Kydex. It features a rigid belt loop which keeps the middle of the sheath (equivalent to approximately the guard of the knife) at belt level. It can also be worn up-side-down for a pull down draw. One of MD's toughest, most balanced, wicked personal carries ever made, and it'll last you a lifetime. - nis. - $495
    Photo:_ _(attached)

    - Wally Hayes TAC-Custom _ -_0-1 tool steel, 6"blade - Braided Japanese cord wrap over Black Stingray skin epoxied handle, hi- buffed finish, double grind _- Handle: - Kydex sheath with TekLock. A super-rugged piece of nasty-edged O-1 from a master of slice. nis. $335
    Photo:_ _

    - Microtech SOCOM Elite Auto Tanto -_Stonewash finish, plain edge - and a really strong srping! nib. - $215

    - Michael Vagnino "Partisan" -
    Oal: 8", Blade: 4" Hollow Ground 440V, _Matte Finish , Black Texturized G-10 handles with small skull crusher - comes with an "Edge Guard" Modular KYDEX multiposition sheath. _nis. _$185
    Picture on the TAD site: tools/custom knives/partisan.htm

    - Wilson/Ralph Combat Folder -_ _
    BLADE SIZE: 3.995" - OAL: 9.25" - BLADE MATERIAL: Stainless 440C - black coated HANDLE: Integral Titanium Frame - blasted. Integral bar lock - WEIGHT: 6 oz. COMMENTS: This is an impressive collaboration between two of the hottest makers in tactical knives- Ryan Wilson and Darrel Ralph. Heavyduty integral titanium handle with pocket clip and black coated fittings. Ultra-strong integral titanium bar lock. The knife also has gripper grooves round the outside of the handle to keep the knife secure when the handles are wet. Large ambidextrous thumb studs for easy opening. A razor sharp hollow ground blade of stainless 440C. Includes a green lanyard and black padded zipper case. - nip. $260

    - Greco LaDuena -
    OAL: 15 5/8" - Weight: 19oz - Blade 9" of 8670 steel, hand ground, black powder coated "bolo". Black Micarta scales with stainless hex screws. Thumb notches above the integral guard for enhanced grip and control. Lanyard holes below the guard and pommel. Ships with a hand fitted Kydex lined leather sheath. nis. _value $190

    - DDR Neck Krait - (only 25 of these were made)
    CPM420V steel - 2.5" inch blade, v-grind razor edge - _5.75" OAL - Carbon Fiber scales - Kydex neck sheath (adjusted) with paracord. anis. value $165
    Photo: _(others on request)

    -SZABO "Ultimate Jaws"
    The culmination of all Jaws. The "End All". Elegant, scary, the Ultimate Jaws is a true multipurpose defensive weapon. Designed as a "Fighting Knife", The Ultimate Jaws, due to its stoutness, can be used in the field for many utilitarian applications, awesome both as a thruster and a slasher it is a perfect military field knife, or assault team backup weapon. OVERALL LENGTH: 10 3/4 " _- _BLADE LENGTH: 5 1/2 "_ _ - nis. value_$150

    - Swamp Rat Knife Works "Camp Tramp" - one of the greatest values in an all'ourpose camping/tactical ever..._nis. value_$135

    - Western Bowie W-49 (customized)
    This older model Western Bowie is in excellent condition, and comes with the tan leather Coleman/Western sheath. 14-3/4" OAL with a 9-1/2" stainless Bowie blade. Laminated rosewood handles with brass guard. Customized: The massive brass handguard has been cut down to a more manageable size (right where the bend started), the rosewood handle has been rounded and thinned, and the clip-point has been slightly lowered. This knife looks and feels great, and is much better than new...very nice...value $75

    - Buck "Kalinga"
    Fixed blade skinner, 4.5" swept back blade, brass guard, cocobolo wood handle, studded leather sheath - pristine collectors case. $150

    - Fallkniven WM1 - black satin finish with Kydex sheath - nib. $45

    - Spyderco Chinook - (straight edge) - handles any task in the field, and a great protector! _carries twice/unused - lnib. $95

    - Kershaw Ken Onion "Echo" Fixed blade..leather sheath - nib. $35

    - PUMA - Skinmaster...awesome skinner - Solingen steel, Kraton handle & nylon sheath. nib. $58

    - Kershaw KC Lockback - serrated folder...a workhorse with nylon sheath...wicked. nib _- $25

    - Bear Cutlery 8" Hunter - $20

    - Bear Cutlery MGC HiTec Skinner - $25

    - CRKT Wind River Hunter Fixed blade - (2nd from top in picture) $20

    - CRKT Sawtooth Hunter - (tp in picture) value $25

    No trades please...