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Custom Performance Tool introduction

Discussion in 'Sponsor Showcase' started by coop00, May 14, 2006.

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    Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to introduce myself and my company to Glock Talk. My name is Chris Ricupero and I have been a Toolmaker for the last 18 years, working for C&C Tool Inc. of Waterbury, CT. Here I have been designing and developing mandrel blanks for various manufacturing industries. These blanks require the same design specifications as todays modern guide rods do: tight size tolerances, long lasting wear and a nice finish.

    Last year I started Custom Performance Tool LLC. and have been manufacturing guide rods locally, in Connecticut for about a year now. Do to our many satisified customers I have decided to expand our product line and offer guide rods for the popular Glock, Kahr, and Sig models.

    Guide rods are available in 17-4 surgical stainless steel and a harder form of tungsten alloy. Our stainless steel line is hardened to R.C. 45 adding durability to last a lifetime. We have found through our own testing that stainless steel, in it's natural form, is too soft and begins to show wear Very Early on. We also use a harder form of tungsten that is made from the same material used in boaring bars, which resists shock and chatter associated with softer Tungsten alloys. There is no associated or premature wear on any surfaces of the firearms with which these guide rods are installed. Our guide rods are a drop in fit and are designed with manufactured specifications in mind. You may notice some spring flaking (that will subside) with your Glock factory spring due to their springs manufacturing process. Our guide rods, after being heat treated and then centerless ground ane polished adding a nice finishing touch.

    There is additional information in the "about us" section of our website and a photo gallery with pictures of our test samples that have been fired thousands of times with 0 malfunctions or noticable wear. We stand by our product and our customer service team is happy to assist our customers with any questions, concerns, or problems they may encounter.

    I know there is a lot to read here, I just want everyone to know exactly what they are buying (not all stainless steel guide rods are the same). Also our websie can be a little tricky to navigate through. I guess my designer took some "artistic license". We have been using a pop-up window for the PayPal shopping cart, but once you go to checkout it brings you to the PayPal website which is secure.

    If anyone has any questions you can post here or reach me at

    Thanks, Chris Ricupero