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Customized Interarms MK X large ring Mauser 98 Mannlicher carbine in 7X57 with a 20-inch barrel. The stock is the American profile as opposed to the European profile and comes with double set triggers and knife bolt handle. It is an extremely hard to find rifle in this pattern. The original hard rubber/plastic buttplate was removed and a 1-inch black Pachmayr Decelerator pad installed with a LOP to the front trigger of. Also installed were New England Custom Guns European style sling swivel studs and the Superior Shooting Mauser 98 Speedlock Kit by Tubbs. The floorplate is released by a tab in the trigger bow, like most American rifles. The stock was refinished to dull sheen and all handling marks removed. There are Talley scope mounts currently installed and 1-inch Talley medium height rings that come with the rifle, along with an Allen black nylon butt cuff that holds 9 rounds and a Bonnie Packer Safari Sling.

Also available is a like new Swarovski Z3 3-9X36 scope with box and paperwork, Butler Creek scope caps and a Scopecoat cover if the buyer wishes to purchase it.

I have never fired the rifle, that is why I am selling it. I would rate the wood and metal is 95% or better. If shipped, must ship to an FFL and they must accept from a private person. Rifle, as described with accessories, is $1050 shipped and $1000 with local pickup in Springfield, Virginia. If the scope is sold to the buyer of the rifle, that is an additional $500. I accept cash, MO and personal checks. No trades or PayPal. Contact me with any questions.

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